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Bloodlines of Tamriel is a vampire overhaul that reworks everything you know about being a vampire in Skyrim with a focus on customization. The mod introduces a new stage progression system based on blood levels, a bunch of new perks, racials, vampire hunters and much more.

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Brief Overview
Bloodlines of Tamriel is a complete vampire overhaul reworking almost everything you know about being a vampire in vanilla Skyrim with a focus on  customization. The mod introduces a brand-new stage progression system based on blood levels, racial abilities, vampire hunters that are able to track you down, a reworked vampire perk tree, several new ways to feed and much more.

Feedback in terms of balancing, changes or brand new ideas are welcome. I would highly recommend joining the Discord, if you want to actively share your feedback or ideas for the mod.

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Core Features
  • A reworked stage progression system based on your blood level.
  • A reworked vampire perk tree.
  • Various Vampire Hunters.
  • New ways to feed.
  • Tons of customization through an MCM menu.
  • A bunch of new spells, abilities, perks and much more.

  • Skyrim Special Edition for PC
  • SKSE & SkyUI (Recommended not required, its used for the MCM menu and changing the magnitude of certain spells)

Table of Contents
  • Configuration
  • Stage Progression
  • Feeding
  • Feeding progression
  • Racial Abilities
  • Cooking (Alchemy)
  • Vampire Abilities
  • Vampire Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Vampire Lord
  • Vampire Perk Tree
  • Vampire Hunters
  • Volkihar Clan
  • Other Changes
  • Compatibility
  • FAQ

This mod features an MCM menu that allows you tweak or enable/disable most of this mod. 
It's highly recommended to not tweak them when you are a vampire, if you do make sure you progress/lose a stage or some changes may not take effect.
For a full list of features that can be changed see the screenshots.

Stage Progression
Stage progression is now tied to your blood level and it is based the amount of blood in a human body namely 5 liters.
To make this transition fit in better there are now 5 vampire stages, progression through stages requires you to drink or lose 1 liter of blood. 
Progression through stages goes like normal you either feed or starve yourself to become weaker or stronger.
You will slowly drain blood overtime to maintain your vampire powers or your humanity.
Being closer to your most powerful stage will cause you to lose blood faster, while being closer to your weakest stage will make it drain slower.
With this change, progressing through multiple stages at once is harder to do without the necessary requirements.
Progression through stages will decrease/increase your vampiric powers, weaknesses, strengths and modifies the magnitude of your vampire spells.

Normal Progression
Normal progression makes you stronger by resisting the urge to feed.

Reverse Progression
The mod introduces a new way to progress namely, reverse vampire progression which allows you to become stronger by feeding (increasing your blood level), it also still features the normal progression system which requires you to starve yourself to death to become stronger.

To make vampirism interesting at low blood levels there is now starvation. 
Starvation makes it so you can die or go into a frenzy when you are very low on blood for an extended period of time, you will know you’ve reached this stage once you start smelling the blood of your victims while becoming desperate for blood, older vampires will be able to keep themselves from feeding for longer. Going into a frenzy will make you go into a nearby town, if there is one nearby to brutally feed on victims by doing this you will attract a big amount of attention to yourself from vampire hunters and you will also accrue a big bounty.

Feeding is an essential part of a vampire’s life, in order to maintain their humanity or their powers they simply have to feed.
There are various ways they can feed, but the amount of blood gained depends on the type of feeding and who their victim is.
Vampires can choose to feed on; humans, animals, corpses or by drinking blood potions.
Drinking blood will also restore some of the vampire’s health based on how much blood he drank.
New vampires will have a lot of trouble resisting their urge feed and may be forced to suck a victim completely dry of any of their blood.

Feeding on humans
Vampires preferred victims are humans, they usually feed on them whilst they are sleeping, but experienced vampires are also able to sneak up them and feed on them while they are awake, others may prefer drinking blood from corpses.
Sneak feeding remains difficult even for experienced vampires because higher level humans might resist a vampire attempts to feed or drain on them. 
Humans will be weakened directly after feeding, because of their low amount of blood they will be weaker in melee combat (25%) and their health will be lower (20%). You will also be unable to feed on them for 24 hours as they will have to regain the blood losses from the last serving.
The vampire will also absorb some of the powers from the victim drained the power is based on the race of the victim.

Turning Humans into Vampires
Using vampire seduction on someone and activating them will give you the option to pass your bloodline, this will turn the NPC into a vampire (Requires the MCM option to be enabled), it will also give them acces to the Vampiric Drain, Raise Zombie and Ice Spike spells. They will also become weak to fire and resistant to Frost. Certain NPC's will also become a potential follower and marriage partner if it's possible.

Feeding on human werewolves
Werewolves blood is a real treat for vampires; however, it is difficult to obtain as werewolves cannot be fed on whilst sleeping.

Feeding on animals
Feeding on animal blood is also an option for certain bloodlines; however, this still comes at a cost for them. Animal blood is not as thick as human blood and vampires will be consumed at a faster rate (50%). Feeding on animals will also absorb some of their powers for a short duration (15 min), these powers are negative although experienced vampires will also gain some benefits from feeding on animals. The only way to drink animal blood is by drinking blood from their carcasses or by using blood potions.

Blood potions
Blood potions are extremely handy for vampires who are always on the move, they still have the same benefits as feeding directly from the source. They can be obtained by siphoning blood from corpses; however, blood potions will yield less blood compared to drinking directly from the body and require an empty blood philter these can be crafted a forge with 2 gold ingots and 1 fire salt or be obtained by drinking a full blood potion found on other vampires.
Blood potions can also be obtained by cooking certain ingredients at a cooking pot.

Feeding progression
When you first become a vampire, you will need to learn how to feed and how to control it. At first you will only be able to feed on sleeping victims, but through experience you will slowly more ways to feed and even start to benefit from feeding. 
The default points required to reach the highest rank in the feeding progression is 200,  this can be changed through the MCM menu.
Points can be acquired by feeding (1 point), draining (3 points), drinking blood potions (0.5 point), or by feeding on corpses (0.5 point).

Feeding Progression unlockables
  •   20 points - Unlock the ability to feed on corpses.
  •   30 points - All feeding options give you 25% more blood.
  •   50 points - Consuming Blood will now heal you.
  •   75 points - Unlocks the ability to create blood potions.
  • 100 points - Unlocks the ability to sneak feed.
  • 115 points - The treshold for being forced to drain is lowered by 50%.
  • 130 points - Enemies are no longer able to resist your feedings.
  • 150 points - Unlocks the vampire seduction power. (Stage 2+)
  • 175 points - Enemies are 50% less likely to resist your draining attempts.
  • 200 points - Unlocks non racial buffs obtained from feeding.

Feeding Table with Buffs

Racial Abilities
Every race comes with their own vampire racials they are obtained by simply becoming a vampire.
The buff is either a passive or obtained by doing something vampire related as said race.

Altmer (High Elf)
  • Savant - The intelligent high elves are able to learn vampire perks faster, their vampire experience gained from all sources is increased by 25%.
  • Mana Addict - Consuming blood restores magicka (Feeding Progression 3+) and increases your magicka regenaration by 50% for 1 minute.
  • Pescatarian- Argonians can eat fish to gain a small amount of blood.
  • Wet Scales - Whenever an argonian gets wet from rain or by swimming, they become protected from negative sun effect for 5 minutes.
Bosmer (Wood Elf)
  • One with Nature - Bosmer's are one with nature allowing them to feed on animals.
  • Lifedrain - Feeding absorbs 10% max health and stamina from animals you feed on for 30 minutes
  • Blood Mastery - Reduces the spell cost of all vampire spells by 15%. 
  • Mana Leech - Feeding absorbs 25% max magicka from humans you feed on for 30 minutes.
Dunmer (Dark Elf)
  • Ash Skin - The dunmers ash skin reduces their weakness to fire by 50%.
  • Blood Powered - Consuming blood increases your spell potency by 15% for 30 seconds.
  • Steady Hands - There's a small chance you gain an additional blood potion from extracting blood from corpses.
  • Imperial Influence - Feeding on target will give you 15% better prices and increase the chance of succes for intimidation with that target by 50%.
  • Keen Eye - At night Khajiits gain additional lockpicking skill towards opening doors, allowing them to break into homes much easier
  • Feriocious Teeth - Khajiits can feed off downed enemies in combat. This will finish off the enemy and counts as feeding.
  • Preservation - Blood is consumed at a 25% slower rate. 
  • Drunkard - Drinking an alcoholic beverage will stop a nords blood loss for 3 hours, afterwards they will lose blood 50% faster, unless they consume another drink. Drinking another beverage within 3 hours will reset the 3 hour time, but will also further increase the blood loss by 25%. This effect can stack upto 175% safely, reaching 200% will make you lose 95% of all your bood and 80% of your health. If you stop drinking the blood loss percentage will be reduced by 50% every 3 hours. 
Orsimer (Orc)
  • Berserkers Strength - Melee power attacks have a 10% chance to disarm the target if they aren't blocking.
  • Bloodrage - Consuming blood enrages you, increasing your melee damage and reducing your incoming damage by 10% for 30 seconds. 
  • Sunborn - Redguards are 25% less affected by negative sun effects
  • Blood Doping - Consuming blood restores stamina (Feeding Progression 3+) and increases your stamina regenaration by 50% for 1 minute. 

Cooking (Alchemy)
There are several new potions you can make by cooking them at a cooking pot.

Blood Potions
Blood Potions change the blood level of the player, they can be crafted once you have unlocked blood extraction. The recipes can be found below.
  • Philter of Falmer Blood - Equivalant to feeding on Falmer - 3 Falmer ears + salt pile.
  • Philter of Nord Blood -  Equivalant to feeding on Nords - human flesh + salt pile.
  • Philter of Giant Blood  - Equivalant to feeding on Giants - giants toe + salt pile.
  • Potion of Thirst - Removes 1 vampire stage and damages the player for 15% of their max health - 2 Garlic + Nightshade

Other Potions
  • Potion of Cure Vampirism – Cures Vampirism – 6 Garlic, 2 Crimson Nirnroot, 5 Nightshade, Blood of an Argonian, 3 Vampire Dust.

Vampire Abilities
These abilities are available for vampires regardless of their bloodline. All damage spells scale with level.
  • Blood Drain - Absorb 5 points of health per second from the target.
  • Vampire's Sight - Vampires are able to see in the dark.
  • Waterbreathing - Vampires don't need to breath, allowing them to swim underwater indefinitely.
  • Resist Poison - Vampires are immune to poison effects.
  • Resist Disease - Vampires are immune to disease effects.

Vampire strengths and weaknesses
Vampires have several strengths and weaknesses; each bloodline has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.
For most the effectiveness of your strengths and weakness change depending on your type of progression and your vampire stage.
Strengths and weaknesses can be enabled and disabled through the MCM menu to your likings.

Vampire Strengths
The strengths available in the mod are as follows.
  • Resistance to frost – As a vampire your undead skin is resistant towards the cold.
  • Vampiric Strength – As a vampire you are stronger compared to mortals allowing you to deal more damage unarmed.
  • Champion of the Night – As a vampire you can trick your enemies allowing, making your illusion spells 5% more potent.
  • Nightstalker footsteps – Vampires are trained in the arts of stealth to feed on victims making you harder to detect.
  • Unnatural Health Regen – Being a vampire increases the speed you can regenerate your wounds out of combat. 
  • Resistance to normal weapons – Being a vampire allows you to more resistant to normal weapons.
  • Stronger Weapon Attacks – As a vampire you can swing your weapons harder.
  • Faster Movement speed – As a vampire you can move faster. 
  • Higher Jumping - As a vampire you're able to jump higher.
  • Frost Spells - Frost spells cast by the vampire are more powerful.

Vampire Weaknesses
The weaknesses available in the mod are as follows: 
  • Weakness to fire – As a vampire your undead skin is weaker to fire.
  • Weakness to Silver – As a vampire silver weapons are stronger towards you.
  • Weakness to Silver – Having silver items equipped will damage you. (Rings and weapons) 
  • Weakness to shrines – Coming to close to holy symbols will blind and damage you this is dependent on how close you are to it.
  • Weakness to trespassing – You are not allowed to enter a house uninvited doing so will damage you.
  • Weakness to sunlight – Being out in sunlight will damage your health, magicka and stamina regeneration this effect is halved when not in direct sunlight.
  • Weakness to sunlight damage – Being out in direct sunlight damages your skin, causing you to burn. 
  • Restoration Spells – As a vampire you do not benefit from regeneration spells.
  • Food – Vampires do not benefit from human food.
  • Potions – Normal Potions do not affect vampires.
  • Health Regen – You are no longer able to regenerate health in a natural way.
  • Blood Thirst – After not feeding for a day you will no longer regenerate resources. 

Vampire Lord
There are several changes made to vampire lord.
  • Vampire Lord's are able to interact, loot and fast travel.
  • All spells in vampire lord form deal 25% more damage.
  • To encourage switching between vampire forms you are unable to regenerate stamina in melee form and unable to regenarate magicka in flight form.

Vampire Perk Tree
The vampire lord perk tree has changed there are now a total of 29 vampire perks, they will enhance you vampire and vampire lord form. 
There are several ways to earn vampire XP it can be earned by feeding and killing enemies with any vampire spell in either human or vampire lord form.

Vampire Perks
  • Power of the grave - Tier 1: Gain 100 health, magicka and stamina in Vampire Lord form Tier 2: Gain 50 health, magicka and stamina in Human Form
  • Echo Location - Tier 1: Detect all creatures, even dwarven automatons. Tier 2: Detect all range and duration has been increased. Hit Shaders have been changed.
  • Mist Form - Turn into an invulnerable mist, while health, magicka, and stamina regenerate and your weakness to the sun is avoided.
  • Embrace of Shadows - Night Power - Vampire is invisible, muffled and has improved night vision for 120 seconds. (Human form only).
  • Shifting Tides - You gain 20% more resistance to fire, but sacrifice 20% resistance to frost.
  • Supernatural Reflexes - Tier 1: Night Power - Everything slows down while you move faster. Tier 2: Night Power - You have a small chance to slow down time when an enemy uses a power attack.
  • Mistwalker - Night Power - Night Power - Create a thick mist allowing you to avoid all types of sun damage for 300 seconds. Available in all forms.
  • Chokehold - Blood Magic: Can pull a creature to you from a distance, and do choking damage once it's close. Available in all forms.
  • Summon Gargoyle - Tier 1: Blood Magic: Can conjure a gargoyle to fight for you. Tier 2: Blood Magic: Can conjure a gargoyle brute to fight for you. Summon Gargoyle can now also be used in human form.
  • Psychokinetic Force - Blood Magic: Can send enemies flying. A weaker version is available in human form.
  • Sanguine Ward - Blood Magic: Blood Magic: Cast a Sanguine Ward that negates magicka and increases your defenses.
  • Blood Rune - Blood Magic: Cast a Blood Rune that deals 30 damage, absorbs 10 health and fears enemies for 7 seconds.
  • Enthrall - Blood Magic: Blood Magic: Enthrall an enemy and force him to fight for you for 30 seconds. Available in all forms.
  • Poison Talons - Melee attacks do 5 points of poison damage every seconds for 5 seconds.
  • Unearthly Will - Tier 1: Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 25% less. Tier 2: Night Powers and Blood Magic cost 50% less.
  • Sharpened Talons - Tier 1: Melee attacks in vampire lord form do 15% more damage and u are 10% more likely to critical hit. Tier 2: Doubles the effect.
  • Severe Strikes - Tier 1: Increases your power attack damage by 25%, and power attacks hit all enemies in front of you. Tier 2: Power attacks will stagger your opponents and your attack speed has been increased by 25%
  • Sanguine Perfection - Tier 1: Deal 10% more damage with your vampire spells. Tier 2: Deal 20% more damage with your vampire spells. Tier 3: Deal 30% more damage with your vampire spells.
  • Blood Bomb - Blood Magic: Shoot an explosive ball of blood that deals 25 damage and absorbs 5 health from the target. (Right Hand Spell)
  • Blood Healing - Killing a person with a power attack bite restores all your health, stamina and magicka.
  • Blood Transfusion - Blood Magic: Drain your own blood for 25 health a second while regenerating 25 magicka every second.
  • Dark Armor - Tier 1: Armor is increased by 10% in melee form and in flight form you gain 10% resistance to destruction magic. In human form you gain half the effect. Tier 2:  Armor is increased by an additional 5% in melee form and in flight form you gain 5% resistance to destruction magic. In human form you gain half the effect.
  • Night Cloak - In combat, you are surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on enemies within melee range.
  • Power of the night - At night you gain 150 extra magicka and 20% spell damage in vampire lord form. Gain half the effect in human form. (7 PM to 5 AM).
  • Lightheaded - Allows vampire drain to be dual casted, increasing its damage by 25% and giving it a small chance to make the enemy lightheaded, decreasing their attack damage by 25%. (Human only)
  • Sanguine Wings - Sprinting in vampire lord form will make you glide, you also become immune to fall damage. Flight can be enabled within the MCM menu.
  • Recklessness - Night Power - Melee attack drain health, power attacks make enemies fly and your attack speed has been increased by 25% for 30 seconds. (90 second cooldown) (Requires all left-hand sided perks to be unlocked)
  • Blood Plague - Infects a target doing 50 damage over 10 seconds.  If the target is killed by Blood Plague, it will jump to nearby targets. (Requires all right-hand sided perks to be unlocked)
  • Mortal’s Mask - Night Power - Allows you to hide your vampirism at the cost of 5 magicka per second. (Requires all perks to be unlocked)

Vampire Hunters
Vampire hunter are now able to track vampire activity, feeding and using vampire abilities will allow them to find you easier. 
Vampire hunters are trained vampire killers and they are very well equipped to fight vampires.
They come in groups of 3-5 hunters and sometimes they are accompanied by one of their leaders.
There are several types of vampire hunters; the Dawnguard who designated their live to eradicating all of Skyrim from vampires, the vigilantes of stendarr who defy anyone who follows a daedra.

The Dawnguard
The Dawnguard will be the most common type of vampire hunter you will encounter they use their special Dawnguard weapons which are imbued with silver to fight vampires, some of them have also learned several sun spells to significantly harm vampires. 

Dawnguard enemies
  • Warriors - Heavy armored fighters equipped with melee weapons, they are very aggressive and will try to get as close to you as possible.
  • Crossbowmen - Medium armored ranged fighters equipped with deadly long-range crossbows and fire bolts. Some of them even managed to craft some explosive bolts.
  • Mages - Light armored mages that use fire and sun spells to burn their prey to ashes.
  • Husky - Dogs, that are trained to track down vampires and protect their owners in battle.
  • Troll - Tough beasts that are there to distract the vampire.

Dawnguard Bosses

  • Borah the General - One of the leaders of the Dawnguard faction, a very tough enemy who is not afraid to fight you in close quarters with his mighty two-handed Warhammer and sun aura. He is accompanied by two of his toughest warriors.
  • Vashar Deathbringer - a deadly khajiit assassin, once a member of a secret society. Stories go around he is one the best at killing vampires, yet no vampires have managed to ever catch a glimpse of him. He is accompanied by two of the best spotters and crossbowmen in the Dawnguard.
  • Grogmar the Unkillable - A brute orc who was once a warrior in an arena now he is one of the toughest warriors and has survived many severe injuries. He is always followed by two mages.
  • Emerinthil the Hell-Hawk - A Bosmer sniper who is able to make kill shots from incredible distances with her explosive fire bolts. She is accompanied by 2 of huskies.
  • Evane the Troll-Born - a Breton mage equipped with the deadliest fire and sun spells in all of Skyrim. Accompanied by two tough trolls.

Vigilantes of Stendarr

The vigilantes are very numbered in Skyrim, because of the destruction of their guild hall. Thus, you will not come across them very often and if you do usually in small numbers, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. They usually come equipped with one-handed weapons and some spells.

Vigilantes of Stendarr enemies
  • Spellswords - Melee warriors equipped with a one-hander and several spells.

Vigilantes of Stendarr bosses
  • Vigilant Valdemar - A nord warrior equipped with a mighty Warhammer and accompanied by 2 of his recruits.
  • Vigilant Helgird - a nord mage equipped with deadly sun spells.

Volkihar Clan
The Volkihar clan is a powerful vampire clan they live under haunted frozen lakes in the eastern parts of Skyrim, because their long exposure to the cold they are more resistant to the cold, are able to use devasting frost spells and are even able to freeze enemies with their icy breath. Their exposure to cold also caused their dead bodies to remain mostly intact, so they blend in seeming less with other humans. Somehow, they have even found a way to create death hounds and turn them into their guardians.

Stage progression
Normal Stage Progression
Normal Stage Progression Speed

  • Sun Regeneration
  • Fire Weakness (Full)

  • Frost Resistance
  • Nightstalker’s footsteps
  • Vampiric Strength
  • Champion of the Night
  • Frost Spell Damage

  • Icy Breath - Freeze a victim with your icy breath for 15 seconds, dealing 2 damage every second and allowing you to feed on them. 
  • Blood Pack - Allows for a ritual to resurrect corpses of wolves and dogs into powerful death hounds
  • Whiteout - Summon a powerful snowstorm, for 180 seconds (once a day)
  • Frostborn - While in a blizzard or snowstorm your frost spells deal 15% additional damage, and your melee attacks deal 10 additional frost damage. (Effect is doubled within Whiteout)

Presets set your settings to match a specific playstyle, currently they are only focussed towards previous games allowing you to play as a vampire from the previous games; Oblivion, Morrowind or Daggerfall these don't come with unique abilities. 

Oblivion Preset
Stage progression
Normal Stage Progression
Normal Stage Progression Speed
  • Sun Damage
  • Fire Weakness (Full)
  • Silver Weakness (Half)
  • Hated (Stage 5)
  • No HP Regen

  • Nightstalker’s footsteps
  • Vampiric Strength
  • Champion of the Night
  • Resist Normal Weapons

Morrowind Preset
Stage progression
Normal Stage Progression
Normal Stage Progression Speed
  • Sun Damage
  • Fire Weakness (Full)
  • Silver Weakness (Half)
  • Hated (Stage 3+)
  • No HP Regen

  • Nightstalker’s footsteps
  • Vampiric Strength
  • Champion of the Night
  • Resist Normal Weapon

Daggerfall Preset
Stage progression
Normal Stage Progression
Normal Stage Progression Speed
  • Sun Damage
  • Shrine Damage
  • Fire Weakness (Full)
  • Silver Weakness (Half)
  • Blood Thirst

  • Nightstalker’s footsteps
  • Vampiric Strength
  • Resist Normal Weapon
  • Fortify Jump
  • Fortify Speed

Other changes
Daytime change: Daytime is now from 06:00 (6 AM) till 19:00 (7 PM) for vampire related effects.
Prophet Quest: Interacting with Dexion when you are supposed to use vampire seduction will give you the option to seduce him, this will cast vampire seduction on him, use this if you don’t have vampire seduction.

Vampire Overhauls - Most other vampire overhauls won't work with this mod, unless they state it will.
D.V.A. - Requires a patch found in downloads.
Other Visual Vampire Mods - These should work just fine.
Custom Races - This mod has build in support for custom races, you can choose what races racials you want upon becoming a vampire.
Custom Races with Racecompatibility - Requires a patch, or just delete the playervampirequest.pex in your scripts folder and manually change your vampire race.

Q: Can I install this mod mid playthrough or when I'm already a vampire?
I personally haven't experienced any issues with installing it mid playthrough or when I'm already a vampire. But it could still cause issues so I would always recommend a new game.

Q: When will there be a version for Playstation?
A: This mod will not work on Playstation, because of the amount of scripts that custom assets used by this mod.

Q: Does this mod change vampire NPC's?
A: No, none of the changes of this mod apply to vampire NPC's. 

Q: Does this mod work with custom races?
A: Yes, custom races are supported when transforming into a vampire. You can also choose from what race you would like the racials abilities.

Q: Will you release a version that has only said feature?
A: No, there is Vampire Lord Perks Expanded (Perk Tree) and Sanguinair Vampirism (Vampire Overhaul) if you want a mods that's are a bit more lightweight. Both mods are predecessors to this mod.