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This mod adds one new bow to the game. Located on an altar in the Eldergleam sanctuary behind the tree. Base damage of ebony. Faster, and lighter. Can be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded. Optional files to replace Dwarven, Stahlrim, and Glass bows in game with this model, and unique textures. Use any stand alone or all at once.

Permissions and credits
There are options for adding this model to your game.
1. Stand alone plug in for one unique new bow called Eldergleam Bow (details below)
2. Stand alone straight replacer without plug in file for Dwarven
3. Stand alone straight replacer without plug in file for Glass
4. Stand alone straight replacer without plug in file for Stahlrim
Use any by themselves or all together.
The replacers will NOT change attributes or locations of the vanilla bows. Only how they look.
Dwarven replacer will NOT change the Dwarven black bow of fate but will change Zephyr.

Eldergleam Bow LE v1.0



Reason for this mod:

I am working on replacing all the bows in Skyrim with higher poly models, 2K textures, and more realistic designs.
This recurve model I created to be used for the Glass, and Dwarven replacers.
I created a completely different texture for this as a unique item plug in files for those that would like it.

What does this mod do:

This mod adds one Eldergleam bow on an altar behind the tree.
It has the same base damage as an ebony bow, is roughly 20% faster, and weight is 6.
It can be crafted with the ebony smithing perk using 1 ebony, 1 silver, 1 taproot, and one firewood.
It can be upgraded with 1 ebony
It can be enchanted also.


None without written permission from me first.
I can be contacted via PM on the Nexus.
Just ask before you do anything with assets contained in this mod.


My good friend PhatBassAnchor for the name, and location of this bow as well as play testing, and feedback on design, and texturing.
Thanks Brother

Final Thoughts:

Like with anything the more you do it the better you get, and the easier it is to do.
I am enjoying this project, and my learning along the way.
Only a few more to create before I can combine the replacers, and also produce a AIO plug in for the uniques.
Enjoy this in the mean time :)