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This mod adds one Mirkwood Bow to the stone table at the Weynon stones. It has the same base damage as Ebony, lighter weight, and is slightly faster. It can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded with ebony smithing. Optional file to replace Nightingale Bow with this model, and unique different texture. Use either alone or both together.

Permissions and credits
There are 2 files located here that add this shortbow model.
Main file is a .esp plug in that adds one new shortbow to the game called Mirkwood bow
The second is an optional file to replace the nightingale bow with this model, and unique darker texture. The optional file is a straight replacer and requires no .esp. It will NOT change any attributes or location of the Nightingale bow. Only it's appearance.
Use either stand alone or both together.
Both use uniquely named files so neither will conflict or overwrite the other.

Mirkwood Bow LE v1_0

"Here lies our path through Mirkwood"



Reason for this mod:

Big fan of the LoTR and Hobbit stories both written and on the big screen.
The shortbow that Legolas uses in the Hobbit movies before he gets Lothlorien bow was one I wanted to bring to Skyrim
So I did. :)

What does this mod do:

This mod adds one Mirkwood bow on the stone table at the Weynon Stones. It can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded with the ebony smithing perk.
Base damage is the same as ebony and bow is slightly faster.


Unpack the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition Folder
Or use your favorite mod manager ;)


Peter Jackson, and WETA for coming up with such wonderful weapon designs to bring Tolkiens writings to life on the silver screen.
The shape, markings, and coloration is based directly on the bow Legolas uses in the Hobbit movies.
All credit for its shape and design goes to them.

Special Thanks:

PhatBassAnchor for continued feedback and play testing.


None without contacting me and gaining written permission first.
I can be reached via PM on the Nexus.
Just ask me.

Final thoughts:

Still a few more to go before I have completed my mission of replacing (nearly) every bow in game with higher poly models, higher resolution textures, and more realistic designs.
There will be a combined replacer AIO file as well as a AIO for all unique single item bows when all are complete.
Until then I hope you enjoy this :)