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A new set of custom, unique buildings for Dragon Bridge.

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Special Edition Version Here
Xbox Version Here (Ported by skyfall515)

Given the location and history of Dragon Bridge, it always seemed very odd to me that the town was so underwhelming. It lies a stone's-throw from the most opulent city in Skyrim and in the shadow of one of the province's oldest structures, yet the town itself is nothing more than a collection of thatch-roofed huts. Other modders have made great attempts at remaking Dragon Bridge, but none of those fit quite what I wanted. In my mind, Dragon Bridge is a wealthy hamlet by Skyrim's standards, steeped in Haafingar's uniquely cosmopolitan variety of Nordic culture, yet still exhibiting a rustic flair. As such, it was the architecture itself which needed to change.

What this is
Rodryk's Dragon Bridge replaces the structures in Dragon Bridge with unique new architecture models created by me, modeled in a Solitude-inspired rustic style. Each building has had its interior and exterior remade in detail to match my vision of the town. Additionally, there are a few extras, such as a custom signpost on the road to Solitude, which make the town's exterior feel a bit more unique without going overboard. Everything is fully navmeshed, and I've ensured full functionality of all standard events (Dragon attacks, playing hide-and-seek, etc). You also might find some new literature scattered around...

What this isn't
Rodryk's Dragon Bridge does not add new buildings or NPCs which didn't exist in the vanilla game, nor does it contain a player home. The goal I had in mind while creating this was essentially to make the vanilla town better, not to expand it. That said, my permissions are open and anyone may use my assets to add their own player homes or other extras.

Basic installation is the same as any other mod (drop in your data folder and activate the plugin), however there are a few extra steps.
First, for the parallax version to work properly you must have ENB installed, and in enblocal.ini set FixParallaxBugs=true.
Second, you will need to run DynDOLOD for the new architecture to be visible from a distance.

Finally, I've moved certain objects marked as "Persistant", which means that if you've already been to Dragon Bridge on your current save, some things may be out of place. A new game is recommended for that reason.

Generally speaking, Rodryk's Dragon Bridge will not be compatible out-of-the-box with mods which place things near buildings in Dragon Bridge. Most of those will require a patch to avoid floating meshes or other weirdness. I've already created a few patches for my own load order, with more on the way. If you have created a patch, let me know through a PM and I'll link it here.

-Found in Misc Files-
Fixes the placement of holiday decorations in Dragon Bridge to match the new architecture, and decorates the inside of the Four Shields Tavern for a few of the bigger holidays
The Notice Board
-Found in Misc Files-
Fixes the placement of the Notice Board and Message board to match the new architecture
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
-Found in Misc Files-
Fixes the placement of the marker for the start which begins in the Four Shields Tavern to match the new location of the player-rentable room.
Interesting NPCs
-Found in Misc Files-
Fixes the placement of markers used by Interesting NPCs characters in Dragon Bridge to match the new architecture.

No known problems at this time.

Please report any bugs or issues you find so I may resolve them as quickly as possible.