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A lore-friendly beginner's home or outpost for advanced characters east of Windhelm. Fitted with a small workshop, enchanter, alchemy table, a mannequin and a little shooting range.

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Warding off the spectres from the Sea of Ghosts, the mammoth skull atop the roof is the most striking detail of this abandoned farmstead. With its fields long since swallowed by the frozen draughts howling for three seasons a year, the croft now awaits a new owner and a new purpose.

This mod offers a moderate player's home using a slightly altered farm house.

Tanning rack, wood chopping block and mini shooting range (the latter being the reason for the missing hand rail in front of the door)

Bed, cooking pot and book shelf

Small workshop with grindstone and workbench, as well as laboratory with alchemy lab and arcane enchanter

Various chests and plaques throughout the house

I took great care to make this mod 100% lore-friendly and immersive, so it's no palace with its own Snowelf statue. The house is fully nav-meshed, the chests are player-owned and the bed grants the Well Rested bonus (although the  message doesn't appear on screen; check Active Effects when in doubt -- thanks to dolphin66th for his tutorial). No DLCs are necessary. Only one vanilla cell has been edited (plus one new cell for the interior). And it has a mammoth skull on the roof.


Version 1.1.0 sees the farm relocated to the mountains north of Windhelm, for players who find the original in too close a proximity to Traitor's Post. No changes content-wise.