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About this mod

This MOD adds your follower the new role of an attacker.
It enables follower and player's combination attack.
This combo system is challenging,exciting and enhances your sense of combat with your follower.
Your follower makes more chances,you are more active.
In other words,he is the sidekick,you are the hero.

Permissions and credits
(Add or change : Version 2.0)

■The system starts

An Equipment item "Brotherhood of Blades" is added in Sleeping Giant Inn.
When your follower equips with it, the combo system starts. When he unequips, the system ends.
A message is displayed in each case.
 The system starts : "...I don't want to set the world on fire"
 The system ends : "...War...War never changes"

Can't be turned the system start in combat. You have to prepare before the combat.

When the combo system starts, You choose the game difficulty options you are playing.
These options change the base value of combo damage.

*For example
Combo [Rank1]
 Difficulty : (Base value) x (Difficulty multiplier) = (Combo damage)
 Adept : (40) x (1.0) = (40)
 Expert : (54) x (0.75) = (40)
 Master : (80) x (0.5) = (40)
 Legendary : (160) x (0.25) = (40)

Even at high difficulty, the combo damage is always the same.
Novice and Apprentice are not included.

■About the combo system

1)Combo method
When you stack follower's power attack with player's power attack, your enemy receives additional damage.

(Step1) In combat, your follower casts the Shout and goes into "standby mode".
(Step2) When he makes a power attack, his combat target goes into "trigger mode".
(Step3) Player hits the target with a power attack, an arrow shot or a dual casting spell within 2 seconds.
(Step4) Combo!

*About dual casting combo
The combo conditions are dual casting of  spells with a projectile.
it means that the combo be done even with "Healing Hands".
Spells like "Flames" go well with the combo system.
Now, your role playing as a spellcaster can have a strong option.

In Skyrim, there are many spells, and there are also many Magic MODs.
Try to find spells that the combo be done and your spellcaster's combat style.
They may have very interesting result.

2)EX combo mode
EX combo is true power. it has strong damage, strong area, and strong debuff.
If you want to get this true power, you have to challenge.
Special moves always require conditions. It doesn't activate just by pressing a button.

(Step1) Activate first combo.
(Step2) Activate next combo in 40 seconds or less. ( x2 )
(Step3) EX combo mode!
(Step4) Activate EX combo in 40 seconds or less.
(Step5) EX combo mode will continue.

3)Rank up
Your follower's level value improves the combo performance.

Rank1 [Lv.01] :  Magnitude(40) Area(15)
Rank2 [Lv.20] :  Magnitude(80) Area(15)
Rank3 [Lv.35] :  Magnitude(120) Area(15)
Rank4 [Lv.50] :  Magnitude(160) Area(15)

EX combo
Rank1 [Lv.01] :  Magnitude(50) Area(20)
Rank2 [Lv.20] :  Magnitude(100) Area(20)
Rank3 [Lv.35] :  Magnitude(150) Area(20)
Rank4 [Lv.50] :  Magnitude(200) Area(20)

*EX combo debuff
Power attack [ -33% Attack damage ] : Duration(20) Area(20)
Arrow shot [ 33% Chance of paralysis ] : Duration(2) Area(20)
Dual casting [ -33% Magic resist ] : Duration(20) Area(20)

4)Practice mode
When your follower makes a power attack, he casts the invisible spell for "trigger mode".
This spell moves to the front, so it is affected by attack animation(Animation MOD).
When your follower has "The Book of the Dragonborn", the combo system goes into "practice mode".
In "practice mode", the spell is visualized. you can see how the combo system works.
The combo performance in "practice mode" is Rank1.


This MOD has no changed vanilla data, and needs no requirements.
You must not duplicate "Brotherhood of Blades". It causes a bug.
This MOD's follower AI have priority 100(max).All other combat override packages do not work.
This MOD is made with game balance in mind. But it may depend on your Skyrim.
Effect visuals are influenced by ENB.

■Uninstall / Update this MOD

After 3 minutes from the combat and your follower unequips with "Brotherhood of Blades",uninstall this MOD.
3 minutes are Shout's duration time for "standby mode".
After your follower unequips with "Brotherhood of Blades", uninstall this MOD.

After uninstall this MOD, Update.