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''a moment of valor shines brighest against the backdrop of despair''.

this guide can effectively fix most crashes , at least those that i've come across in very many hours with a 200gb oldrim setup.

Once you have applied all fixes in this guide , if your game stutters and appears to have CTD'd give it 5 seconds and it will co

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if you have applied all the fixes and patches mentioned below and you are experiancing CTD or errors from crash fixes due to lack of memory or memory allocation errors then i suggest setting Custom Memory Blocks to 1 in crash fixs .ini and setting the size to an amount that will not be maxed out in your main menu (you can put a number like 128 then go in the main menu and open the console to see what percentage of that amount is being filled instantly , then put it higher or lower as needed , around 90% filled on main menu is good).
i was having CTDs due to memory allocation issues after i recently installed about 40 quest mods that add new landscapes and this trick fixed that issue for me, this is an update to include that specific issue in case someone else is suffering from it.
on a side note your crashes might stop also if you turned AllocatorHeapAlign to 0 as well in some cases where the ENB doesn't play well with crash fixes, i recommend you try that also after putting CustomMemoryBlock to 1 and 128 i do remember it worked for me to an extent recently.

i can confirm 2 things :

1-memory allocator (the seperate plugin for Allocator in the downloads section) of Skyrim Memory Optimizer DOES work and it DOES fix crashes that are otherwise not fixable by any other plugins! but it should only be used with UseOSallocators=1 and AllocatorHeapAlign=0 (if enb) and also set ReAllocatorSwap=true and EnableSwap=false in the .ini of the Main download of Skyrim Memory Optimizer and also FixInfiniteLoad = false and FixLoadCrash = false if you use other Savegame CTD fix mods.
in fact i can't attest that leaving FixInfiniteload and FixloadCrash to true would not otherwise crash your game so if u want my advice use the settings i recommend.

i also use Skyrim Anti Crash (by DevourerPi) and also the Skyrim CPU optmization preset plugin (both plugins also by DevourerPi).

with these settings and CustomMemoryBlock=128 in the .ini of Crash fixes i have had no crashes where i would have had crashes 100% before this.

THANK YOU DevourerPi and Meh321. you are saviors.

i also suggest you to use AllGUD instead of Dual sheath redux and equipping overhaul (you can still use the lit torches and realistic unequip of equipping overhaul and just turn its geared up features off) , i found this reduced crashes for me while improving the fidelity of my gameplay.

also i use Texgen 256 and Dyndolod 256 on High without Fake Lights and FXGLOW and it works great for me. it caused CTDs before i applied the above mentioned settings but now it works perfectly and with an FPS improvement to boot!

alas one more thing i learned is that with the above setup alt-tabbing and alternating windows during your game session can introduce the risk of CTDs where there otherwise would be none if you hadn't , so i suggest you don't alt-tab during your game sessions for minimum risk of crashes, if you do decide to alt-tab , save first and accept the risk that you may crash once you tab back in to the game and do something like fast travel or going out of an interior , open map or skill menus and etc.


Firstly, Follow this guide and apply every fix from start to finish (doing so correctly will most likely fix your issue) and only use the foolproof method at the bottom if you have already applied all the fixes in this guide, that is the last stand , the last beacon of hope if you are all out of options.

Please Note that if you are using specifically a version of windows 10 that's not updated since 2018 you MUST update it or install windows 7 instead , windows 10 installs before 2018 suffer from a 4gb Vram (GPU video Memory) limit that will almost CERTAINLY crash your game in a great many common situations and there is no fix for that, many of the fixes in this guide will also not be effective if you suffer from that Vram limitation, please note this limitation is also imposed on windows 8 installations and any windows 8 installation will have this problem indeffinetly as it is not fixed in even the latest versions of windows 8.


i have just finally managed to fix a CTD that has been occuring in the vicinity of whiterun particularly near the Honningbrew meadery that has been consistant , it took me more than 10 hours to diagnose the error and i will share with you what i had to do to fix the issue and how you can follow in my footsteps without making the mistakes i did in order to cleanly diagnose the problem and also how to fix it, this is a general guide and will help you overcome most CTDs in the game but more specifically the more complicated issues that arise from having many mods or mods that are specifically problem causing.

in order to solve issues with your mods you need to follow a specific set of steps in order to cover all grounds for potential issues and as there are many you need to do so in an orderly fashion. i will explain everything but i will not go into too much detail, i will keep the steps simple and explain the reasoning behind everything that i recommend in this guide.

i have over 1500 mods compiled in over 20 merges and the entirety of my skyrim installation including the game itself + mods + tools is over 200gbs in size , so you can rest assured that most problems you could be having is more or less covered in this guide , if they are not , at the very least following this guide will narrow down the potential cause for your CTD so that you at the very minimum know what the root of the problem is and can go on from there and try to find a fix even if its not included in this guide.


you must first understand that in order to save time and avoid frustration, you need to be well rested and of sound judgment , if you have been trying to fix a problem for the past 3 hours and you have had no luck but you are hell bent on fixing it , that is not the way , you must take a break , rest your body and your mind , nourish it with food and hydrate yourself before you continue , if you are not in a suitable state of awareness you might miss something that you could have easily noticed otherwise and add easily 10hours+ to the time it takes for you to fix the problem, keep and open mind and remember that the price of modding is non other than your sweat , blood and tears , that is assuming you have already sacrificed your firstborn.

also in my experiance theres no such thing as ''Too many mods crashing my game'' if you are not going above the 255 esp limit and are using the NitPick tool for overcoming the total esp count (hidden+activated) mods and are using Crash fixes and SKSE and ENB memory allocation patches so rest assured the problem most likely is caused by a specific mod in your load order.

most CTDs in this area are caused by a missing or faulty mesh usually belonging to a mod or skyrim running out of memory, other guides will tell you they can also be caused by missing or deleted references but in my case and in almost all documented cases i could find it has been a faulty or missing mesh file or memory patches that are availble for skyrim not having been applied resulting in skyrim running out of available memory.


Common causes of this issue are listed below , do not waste time trying to apply fixes for them before knowing  for sure that one of them is causing you the problem , a good mechanic does not apply general repairs before he knows what the problem is , firstly, install CRASH FIXES MOD (with .ini settings set for AlocateHeapAlign=1 and OSallocators = 1) from nexus as well as SKSE preloader and Apply the settings recommended by Crash fix ENBoost ,specially the part about DataSync options, then ENABLE LOGGING for Crash Fixes , RECREATE your CTD , Check the CRASH FIXES LOG , if it says you ran out of memory , Apply Memory Patches provided by Crash Fixes and SKSE and configure your ENBlocal.ini as recommend in the S.T.E.P guide , in my experiance you CANNOT run out of memory in skyrim unless you don't actually have the physical RAM and VRAM availble on your system provided that you have all the availble memory patches for skyrim installed and working , as of the publication of this guide you DO NOT NEED SSME but you do need to enable the memory allocation patches in SKSE and Crash Fixes, you also DO NOT NEED SAFETY LOAD if you enabled memory patches in the aforementioned, finaly before you proceed please consider installing these rather ''new'' mods that are absolutely brilliant and have helped me greatly : 

-Skyrim memory optimizer :
note that if u use this from my personal experiance i would recommend you do not use the optional memory allocator , use crash fixes for memory allocation instead. if you have trouble with error 02 then remember you have to download both main files under downloads and they are not the same file , u need to put the EXE from the first download next to your TESV.exe , you can install the other file via MO or whatever mod manager.

-Skyrim Present Plugin - Optimzes CPU :
install with MO or manually.

-Skyrim Anti-Crash :
install with MO or manually.
(this is in Beta but i have tested it and for me there were improvments to my game and frequency of crashes, in fact i haven't had a single one ever since.)

-Disable Windows Ghosting (under optional files) :
this plugin insures that windows won't pretend skyrim is unresponsive when its working perfectly fine.
i have noticed improvements for myself since installing this.

-BethINI :
this will handle your INI files and remove parts of your INI that might be damaging your experiance , personally i found that with these tweaks i had not only better performance but also better graphics !
but BE WARNED the settings made by BethINI are not perfect and after using it to tweak my skyrimprefs.ini i found that everyone's eyes went Black and thats because the tweaks made by bethINI were not ENB friendly , i fixed it by making sure these lines were included exactly as written here in the now tweaked Skyrimprefs.ini after using BethINI :

iActorShadowCountInt=6   ;  -
iActorShadowCountExt=4   ;  -

note that i used THIS GUIDE to install Disable Windows Ghosting and BethINI but i did not follow any other steps from the guide :

(if you are having trouble installing them.)

-THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT : Ensure whichever GPU you have has correct Power settings in its control panel, if you have Nvidia , go to Nvidia settings/control panel and make sure your Power Management for Skyrim(TesV.exe) or if you prefer , your global Power Management settings are set to ''Prefer Maximum Performance'' , i read you can also set it to ''Adaptive'' but i can't confirm it because i haven't tried it. 

If you need to make Certain that you have applied the above patches and fixes to their maximum effect before you proceed , i recommend using Skyrim Performance Monitor and follow tutorials provided in the downloaded file (images) for your current setup, i use MO so i used the MO setup images provided :

with the above fixes and patches i have over 6gb of vram usage and over 3gb of ram usage and my game runs stable and steady without crashes taking into account there are no other factors that would crash my game besides performance.

if the error provided in the crash fixes log is not about memory and its something along the lines of ''Address Exception Blah Blah Blah Some Codes" proceed to disable the mods listed below if any of them are in your load order or included in one of your batches or merges ,
PLEASE NOTE that you must disable them completely not just the ESP , if you are using mod organizer then Deactivate them , the point is to make sure none of the files in these mods are not only loaded by the game , but also not availble to the game at all , if you are not using a mod manager , you must completely move the files associated with these mods out of your install directory and move them back later once you have resolved the issue. now start up your game and from the main menu open the console and write Coc Whiterun and walk towards honingbrew meadery and go past it until you reach the whiterun gate using only the ROAD until you eighter crash or get to the gates, if this step did not fix your issue and you still had a CTD , you will know to skip the fixes for the mods below , if however this step DOES fix your issue , then enable them one by one until you figure out which one exactly is causing the issue, then proceed to apply fix for it or simply leave it disabled or remove it if you don't really need it.

-HdtSkyrimMemPatch.dll -> if you have this somewhere in your mods or installation it will most likely create a large dump file (log file) if you have followed the steps above , and it will cause all sorts of crashes and HDT issues if you use HDT extensions , you may not think you have installed this memory patch but it does come with a lot of mods that come from outside nexus , authors forget to remove this file from their mods or they purposefully include them in their mods to make sure you get screwed if you download them without permission.

-Duplicates of HdtPhysicsExtentions.dll

-Duplicates of .dll files that have been outdated that might be lurking in your installation somehwere , if you use MO or a mod manager where you install your .dll files with your mod manager , i recommend going into your mod file location and doing a search for .dll and see  if theres any you don't recognize or if there's any duplicates and determining which copy is newer and keeping that one and removing the other ones. they could cause some serious issues if left unchecked from my experiance.

-SkyBirds airborne perching birds :
if you want to know if this mod is causing you problems , start your skyrim, open the console in the main menu , type in order :
coc solitudetemple
~wait for load....
~you will CTD if the mod is causing you crashes.

-Skyrim Flora Overhaul  
Fix : remove the nif file named ''vurt_greenyelplant.nif" that is included in this mod.

-IHSS / Improved horse steps sound (a Skyrim Special edition mod) 
Fix : remove the mod.

-All Female Body Mods With Physics and outfits made for them , this includes bodyslide output files and remodeled armor mods and replacers for females.
Fix If Bodyslide Output Meshes : Rebuild Bodyslide Meshes , Try not putting your bodyslide outut folder in a zip before you install it with mod organizer , instead just move it manually to your mods folder, or try rebuilding differently as in with different presets
Fix if HDT extention : " Provide if you know one " but note that HDT extention itself has not been known to cause this particular CTD
Fix if Skeleton : Put your Skeleton as the last loaded file in your load order and in your active mods list if using mod managers
Fix if Armor for specific body type : Remove Armor or build the specific bodyslide for the armor again / try building a different preset

-Running out of memory 
apply the memory fixes mentioned above, this is just a reminder for you if you didn't read that part.
and then try applying the fixes mentioned by crash fixes in the popup message when you got the CTD , try them one by one as one of them might fix things for you as the other ones might break them so step by step try each fix seperately.
the fix that worked for me was to set custom memory blocks to 1 in crash fixes .ini and put the block size to 128 (from 64) or to a size that you won't go over 95% in the main menu if you open the console and see the memory blocks being filled.

the creatures from this version of this mod are notorious for causing crashes , if you are using crash fixes it might tell you something about actors not having animations registered to them when your game crashes , this is a very good indication that you should remove this mod and try again it is the most likely cause of this issue as well as any other mods that add broken creatures to your game. 

Fix : remove , '' provide if you know one ''

-JK's Skyrim
Fix : remove and install again , remove permenantly if needed.

-People of skyrim 
Fix : reinstall the mod and if it doesn't work , remove it.

-HD trees mod 
Fix : reinstall or remove.

-Enchanced Vannila Trees
Fix : reinstall or remove.

-Qaxes Questoriom :
Fix : reinstall or remove.

-safety load :
Fix : enable the OnlyWhenLoading command in the .ini file in safetyload.

-Open Cities :
Fix : reinstall or remove.

-Immersive world encounters :
fix : fix your load order. its a mod conflict issue.

-I Love Cleavage 
fix : remove

-Sounds of skyrim / Audio Overhaul 2 : [Optional]
the sound files in these mods can become corrupt and cause a crash when they are accessed , i myself have had this issue BUT its not certain that you also suffer from this so you may wish to clear these mods and test without them to see if your issue is solved before you decide to remove them indeffinetly.

-Warzones / OBIS redone : [Optional]
these two are incredibly script heavy mods and may or may not be causing a crash when combined with a heavy load order , i elected to remove them just because of the possibility they COULD be causing CTDs and sure enough after removing them and starting a new game my crashes subsided BUT i cannot confirm that they cause CTDs , try a playthrough with them on and one without them for a few hours if you are doing extensive testing and see how it goes. i recommend removing them but the decision is up to you.

IF THE ABOVE STEPS DID NOT HELP SOLVE YOUR ISSUE HERE IS A FOOLPROOF method for fixing any possible issue caused by a mod regardless of weather it has to do with honingbrew meadery and whiterun hold or not :

create a text file for yourself , this is your checklist, sort your mods by priority in your mod manager,  go to the bottom of your mod manager files load order (P.S : i am not referring to your ESP load order where it says ''plugins'') , now click your last mod (highest number priority which should be at the bottom) , once its highlighted , hold shift , go up 100 mods and click, this will select your last 100 mods , now right click and disable selected , now check the mod manager for missing masters errors that it may give you , now disable the mods that are missing masters (because you just disabled those masters) AND MOVE THEM TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR LIST (if mod organizer , right click them and Send To Bottom) , run your game and see if the CTD happens , if it does , exit , if the ctd does not occur , run your game a second time to double check if the ctd is resolved , once you do a double check and the ctd does not occur at any point in this procedure , record in the text file you created , the range of the mods by priority number which were causing the CTD for example i recorded my checklist like this :

''1500-1400 CTD'
''1400-1300 CTD"
"1300-1200 CTD"
"1200-1100 CTD STOPPED" ------> CTD is caused by a mod between priority 1200 to 1100

next disable half of those 100 mods and check for CTD , twice.
next disable half of those, and half , and half , and so on until you find the exact mod causing the issue, next eighter remove that mod or search for a fix to its CTD.

Note that if at any point you stopped crashing BUT your CTD was NOT caused by ANY of the 100 mods in the range of mod priority that you stopped crashing in then your CTD is caused by one of the mods you disabled in the earlier steps because it required one of the mods you were disabling in the batches of 100 (as a master), therefor you must go to the bottom of your load order which you sent those mods to and start testing those mods in batches of half to see which one was causing the issue.

this is time consuming but it is foolproof.
i hope this guide has helped you solve your problem, if not then i'm sorry i could not be of any help. but don't give up ! you can always find a solution if you put your mind and resolve to it !