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Skyrim has a lot of things missing, but one thing in particular: Oaks!

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So, since I wasn't so happy with the tree mods around, I decided to make my own. At the moment there are some oaks around Riften and Whiterun and no LOD generated, but LODGEN files are included to be used with TES5LODGen. If you do so, I'd suggest to have ugridstoload=7 in your Skyrim.ini, because at least one of those trees will give you a very nasty pop in with lower settings.


I might place some more in the future, but feel free to use this as modders resource and do it yourself. Search for "TreeOakVE" in the CK and you'll find them.

Be aware of the high poly count those trees have though, if your computer is from the PS3 age you might run into some trouble with this mod. Especially TreeOakVE09 (oak09.nif) is pretty much the hero tree and should not be used to often, I think it has more than 20k polys.

This mod also contains landscape textures for the "fallforest" area. I highly recommend to use Blended Roads with those textures, because won't fit your road texture otherwise.

Oh, and check out my other mod, Blue Palace Frescos

Permission: you are free to use, modify and reupload those files as you wish. Just mention where they come from.