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lowtrap says:
"Well done, great addition to the world. ++ for the stability and also for the diversity of the different schools in the different locations."

-Short Description-
- One School added
- One Teacher
- AI Changes to the kids to get them out of town

-Long Description-
The AI of the children in Whiterun have been altered so that they attend school five days a week while their weekends are for them to do homework. This does not get rid of them completely, they will still have a bit of time to do what they normally do, but it reduces the odds of hearing "I'm not afraid of you, even if you are my Elder." They can be visited in the School from 7am till 3pm. Sometimes it takes a bit longer depending on the interactions they face so they usually pop in to school between the hours of 8am and 10am. There is a new NPC, A Highelf named Elwynn who acts as the school owner and the Teacher. she lives at the School. The changes in AI does not effect any quests with the kids. The location of the School next to Whiterun Stables. I use a lot of texture re-placers/ENB Graphics so the same might not be seen as the images I post for your set up. In addition, I have a number of requests to have quests and more children. The purpose of this mod is to put the kids out of the way so to not be pestered by them. The school having an interior is secondary to the point and as such I will not be adding more kids, nor will I be adding any quests

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Turkish Version 2.0

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