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a UUNP conversion of DeserterX's amazing Dark Knight Armor, ft. manually sculpted sliders, some compatibility tweaks and a new variant for the stockings

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hi this is a conversion of DeserterX's Dark Knight set to UUNP + some gibbunz. DX's original upload is required for textures and they will not be reuploaded here. full credit goes to him for the amazing work seen in the armor, all i did was convert stuffs

i manually sculpted (most) sliders including but not limited to the UUNP family ones, added a few extra ones to prevent clipping should any arise and messed around with the socks a little bit. now you have the original + a mirrored variant with two tall socks, and they are separate equippables from the boots, allowing you to do more fun stuffs.

the mod uses slot 53 and 54 for its partitions on the body to prevent clipping whenever socks are equipped, so any mod that also uses those will be incompatible, but overall mix and matching should be more doable.

i refrained from adding any HDT to the mod as i feel it would've been unnecessary and it would've compromised the aesthetic of the armor. the boots have been moved from HDT high heels to nioverride height modifiers, so HDT HH is no longer a requirement.

something to note is that the resulting UUNP conversion does make the armor slightly less perky than the original UNP version, and thus the amulet was moved from sitting neatly below the boobie to hovering above them slightly in most slider ranges. this was the best i could do without excessively modifying it or shortening it, and i feel this best preserves the original aesthetic.

-if you get thigh clipping with the socks;
go to the two sock builds and max the '-widen upper strap' slider

-if you get skirt clipping with the legs or the lower body;
use the '-skirt widen' slider on the Armor and Armor Shorts sets

-if you feel the waist region of the armor is too bulky(inherited from the original geometry partially);
use the '-tighten midsection' on the Armor and Armor Shorts sets

u can also zap the dagger on the waist if u feel like it :)

plz report any issues and also i love u