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New craftable Ebony Armor and Shield.

Permissions and credits
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Get the playable shield here! :)

• New craftable Ebony Armor and Shield.

Craftable parts:

• Helmet • Earrings Large • Earrings Small • Amulet • Cuirass Pants • Cuirass Shorts • Gauntlets • Boots • Shield (cosmetic)

• The armor is a bit stronger and a bit lighter compared to a vanilla ebony armor.

• The Helmet, Earrings, Cuirass, Gauntlets and Boots can be enchanted normally.

• The earrings have the same stats as the helmet and are an option for those who don't much like wearing helmets.

• The request for the creation of this outfit came from docteure. Many Thanks!

• Original artwork and reference used for the creation of this outfit by Cham s.


• This outfit was made entirely in Blender.

• Every single mesh was made from scratch and it's unique to Skyrim.

• All textures were hand painted in Photoshop from the Diffuse,
Specular, Reflection, to the Height maps.

• The armor incorporates a mix of compressed and uncompressed 2K textures
to offer the best results and maintain the SSE quality without the annoying
artifacts of the DirectX 9 compression.

• The outfit was made using Blender, Outfit Studio, Nifscope, Photoshop and Crazy Bump.

• All the recipes will only be available as long as you carry the crafting manual in your inventory.
When you are done crafting store the manual and your crafting interface will be free again.

* help "dark knight" - to get the id numbers *

• Beautiful Monica character, quality testing, screenshots, book and ground object art by dianka33!

You can use assets of this armor inside Skyrim LE Nexus as long as you credit our work in the comments and you
don't make an almost duplicate of this mod. Meaning, this armor can be used to dress followers or be part of
a bigger project and assets like parts of this armor can be used to supplement your own armor creations.

Please don't copy the textures if you are making a conversion.

Special thanks to

Ousnius for all the time he has spent offering help and tips on using Outfit Studio!

docteure for her invaluable insights on using Outfit Studio!

hype1 for all the Blender tutorials and tips!

TKHBMVP for the German translation! Nexus Resources, Steam Resources

To all who donate, endorse, comment or just play using this and the previous mods!

Bethesda that made all this possible.