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This mod replaces the models for many unique artifacts and items. Made by registrant.

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This mod is made by a great Russian mod author registrant, who created a lot of amazing weapon mods.

This is an amazing mod I personally used for a while and here I share with you with permission. It replaces most of the generic looking artifacts/items with fantastic and lore-friendly models. It uses vanilla texture so it will benefit from high quality textures like aMidianBorn Book of Silence.

See images for the changes.

The following are rough translation of the original mod page.

In Skyrim, there are about seventy (including staves, bows, and also cut from the game) weapons that the player almost never uses for their intended purpose. Many of them are quest ones, but all have a model of conventional weapons made of the same material, and the characteristics are so ridiculous that they immediately go into the "got and forget" category. Especially if to complete such a mini-quest you just need to cross the street.

Meanwhile, these are "almost artifacts" with a unique name and history. The quest status will not allow you to accidentally sell or lose them. Of course, this is not yet to take the items to the quest giver (with Dravin's bow and the " Dream of the Dwarf Blacksmith " my dragonborn traveled all over Skyrim and Solstheim). Then, however, some can be stolen back :)

Due to my modest abilities, I will try to make sure that the Dovahkiins arenot ashamed to hold it all in their hands ... or hang it on the wall.

The version of the mod for the Legendary Edition is in the archive, or here .



Changed the shine of Bolar's Oathblade

Added the ability to forge a replica of Shagrol's Warhammer. At that moment, when, according to the quest, he will be required to be put on the altar, wait a little longer - the forge is nearby.
Added the ability to forge a hammer into a one-handed Shagrol's mace, the conditions are the same as for other ArteFakes.

Added one-handed Trollsbane, reforging condition - like other ArteFakes.

Fixed a bug with the forging of Hjalti's Fine Sword in the Skyforge.

The sharp fracture of the blade near the hilt of the Hjalti's Sword has been smoothed out.

Fixed collisions of weapons - now it, thrown to the ground, interacts correctly with it and objects - does not fall through.

New loading screens appear less frequently, and their text has been slightly tweaked.

On the loading screen of Stormfang, the name of its owner has been corrected - Ulfgar the Unending. Previously it was Ulfgar the Endless, but in my version of the game it is called "Eternal". Although "Ulfgar the Unending" is more correctly translated as Ulfgar the Infinite.
The Ulfgar we meet in Sovngarde has been presented with Stormfang.

Added the previously forgotten recipe for sharpening Amren's Family Sword.

Vanilla Nettlebane did not have an ebony weapon keyword, so it did not sharpen to the level of a normal ebony dagger. Fixed.

Windshear in vanilla could be obtained only by following the paths of the Dark Brotherhood - on the imperial ship Kataria. Now there is an option with the destruction of TB - the saber can be taken from Nazir's body during the cleaning of the Falkrite hideout.

The Predator's Grace enchantment disenchanted from party boots can now be applied to your shoes.

Added Angi's Bow

Added Firiniel's End (can be reforged to unenchanted and vice versa). The bow can now be obtained even if the Dark Brotherhood is destroyed - Gabriela will have it when clearing the Falkrite Vault.

Added Bow of the Hunt (can be reforged to unenchanted and back), critical damage fixed in the image and likeness of the unofficial patch (the unofficial patch itself
is not required for the mod).

Added the sword Herebane's Courage and the shield Herebane's Fortress (cut content) - in Soul Cairn, near the Reaper's Lair.

Added Glass Bow of the Stag Prince.

Added Family Shield (cut content) hanging in the Treasury (Markarth) above the vault gate.

Added Prelate's Dagger (worn by ghostly prelates in Forgotten Vale, and can be forged at the Skyforge after obtaining Auriel's bow).

Added Rocksplinter (cut content) - wears Odfel (Shore's Stone), who, in fact, boasted that he had it.

Added Ghorbash's Ancestral Axe (cut content) - it is carried by Ghorbash the Iron Hand himself from Dushnik-Yal, and the axe can be forged into an battleaxe (and vice versa) in the Skyforge if you have the book.

Added Briarheart Geis (cut content) - it can be found repeatedly carried by Forsworn Briarheart.

Added two-handed Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin. This is NOT the one-handed sword that was cut from the game (it remains the same, I have not touched it yet). You can find it in Aetherium Forge. To do this, go along the lava or by an alternative way to the right secret room, search the ancient chest (there is already a solution in it), turn the lever, and, jumping along the platforms, from the edge of the latter, epic raise the sword from the lava using telekinesis. When
Dovahkiin takes ZDD in his hands, he is temporarily added to the ability "Berserk - Dragon Slayer" activated by the Shout button - once a day, without releasing the sword from his hands, the hero will swing it twice as fast, and inflict double damage, while receiving half damage from the enemy. Imba, but only for two minutes a day.

The non-scabbard version is no longer supported.
  1. Enchanted ArteFakes can be reforged into unenchanted ones and back (even if you have already enchanted them in your own way) if you have the skill of a blacksmith-wizard, vanilla book "Forge, hammer and anvil", and the weapon itself.
  2. Reforging into one-handed and back (under the same conditions) of hammers is available: Curse of the Aegis, Long Hammer.
  3. Tweaked the texture mesh of the Vilkas sword to be more compatible with the Cabal steel weapon retexture.
  4. Optionally added vanilla Wren and Sacrificial Blade models.
  1. Added a variant compatible with the Demonica race (Demonica can use shields; also, the Outfit from "Shining Clothes" has been removed, Dressy clothesand shoes - the Demonica has its own models).
  2. Added a patch for compatibility with the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod. Now, by default, "almost artifacts" (both copies and on display cases) will look like ArteFakes. Install in the launcher in this order: Legacy - ArteFakes - patch. The copies that can be created in the Legacy on the copy workbench will be just copies, without the enhancement and functionality of ArteFakes. The patch can be used with the ArteFake variant for the Demonica race. More detailed instructions in the archive, I recommend reading.
  3. Changed the path to the Blade of Sacrifice texture, otherwise "Dragonborn Legacy" changed it to its own.
  4. The dragonbane has become a vanilla one-handed one, but it can be reforged into a two-handed one under general conditions.
  5. Improved the sheath of the Bolar's Oathblade and slightly (by 7%) reduced its handle.
  6. Increased Ghostblade by 10%.
  7. Added option without scabbard.
Installation and removal: standard, manual. Place the ArteFake.esp file from the corresponding folder in the .. \ Data folder: 
"for Skyrim SE" - Skyrim Special Edition
"for Skyrim LE" - Legendary Edition (all DLC)
Do not mix SE and LE, otherwise the game will simply not be able to start.

Requirements: Skyrim SE or Skyrim LE.

Important: most of the amendments made for this weapon by the unofficial USLEEP patch have been made to the mod (except for the Storm Fang - it can be found again in vanilla)). USLEEP itself is not required for the mod to work, but if you use it and the Wrye Bash patch, then ArteFake.esp should be in the launcher BELOW Bashed Patch, 0.esp.

Dual Sheath Redux (DSR) is supported.

Changed (and strengthened to the level of glass / ebony) such items:
  1. Aegisbane *
  2. Aela's Shield (after the quest, you can pick it up from Aela the companion) ***
  3. Dragonbane *
  4. Alessandra's Dagger (after completing the quest it disappears, but all the priests of Arkay have the same daggers with a removable enchantment of Banishment - the rarest and most "expensive" weapon enchantments)
  5. Amren's Family Sword (after being handed over to the owner, it can be stolen from him)
  6. Balgruuf's Greatsword (after transferring the sword to the jarl, the sword can be stolen from him or from the jarl's room)
  7. Bloodthorn
  8. Bolar's Oathblade *
  9. Borvir's Dagger
  10. Poacher's Axe
  11. Blade of Sacrifice
  12. Dravin's Bow (will disappear after completing the quest)
  13. Eduj *
  14. Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls
  15. Queen Freydis' Sword (after being handed over to Ongul, it can be redeemed from him, and if USLEEP is installed, it can be stolen from the Jarl's chambers) *
  16. Froki's Bow
  17. Gauldur Blackbow **
  18. Gauldur Blackblade * **
  19. Gharol's Sword (after completing the quest can be stolen from Lash in Karthwasten) ***
  20. Ghostblade (now truly ghostly)
  21. Soulrender
  22. Bloodscythe
  23. Harrald's Sword (after giving the sword to Harrald, you can steal from him)
  24. Hjalti's Sword (after completing the quest, you can forge an improved version in the SkyForge)
  25. Horksbane
  26. Hrolfdir's Shield (after giving Markart to Jarl, you can steal from him)
  27. Dawnguard Rune Axe
  28. Dawnguard Rune Hammer
  29. Kahvozein's Fang
  30. Longhammer (was orc, became steel) *
  31. Grimsever (two-handed)
  32. Nettlebane
  33. Okin
  34. The Pale Blade **
  35. Notched Pickaxe
  36. Dented Iron Shield
  37. Prelate's Mace (worn by the Knight-Paladin Gelebor, cannot be stolen, but can be forged in the SkyForge after finding Auriel's Bow)
  38. Red Eagle's Fury
  39. Red Eagle's Bane *
  40. Roggi's Ancestral Shield 
  41. Rundi's Dagger
  42. Windshear
  43. Shagrol's Warhammer (will disappear after completing the quest)
  44. Shield of Solitude **
  45. Stormfang
  46. Trollbane
  47. Tsun's Battle Axe (after Sovngarde can be forged in the SkyForge, or try to steal from Tsun) **
  48. Valdr's Lucky Dagger
  49. Vilkas' Sword (can be redeemed after being handed over to Eorlund) * ***
  50. The Woodsman's Friend
Also, the appearance and effects of such outfits have been changed:
  1. Radiant Raiment Fine Clothes (improved buy / sell prices) - the clothes were not planned, but the rags were far from shining
  2. Party Clothes (+ eloquence) and boots (removable enchant of silent steps) - for the same reason
-------- footnotes ---------

* - there is a possibility of reforging into a two-handed arm and back in the SkyForge if you have the skill of a blacksmith-wizard and vanilla
book "Forge, hammer and anvil". Damage and strike range will be slightly less than that of regular two-handed.

** - in the game there are several leveled ones, so a number is added to the name - for example, from 1/5 to 5/5. If you took a weapon at a low level, then upon reaching the level conditions provided for by the game (as a rule, at levels 6, 12, 19, 27, 36+), it can be improved in the SkyForge to a higher level, provided that you have the skill of a blacksmith-wizard and the book "Forge, hammer and anvil". An exception is Tsun's Battle Axe. It can simply be forged immediately corresponding to your level, under the same conditions.

*** - to get this item, you need to install the mod before receiving the corresponding quest, because This piece of iron does not have a separate entry in the CreationKit - it is vanilla and gets a unique name for the quest (for example, the simple "Steel Shield" is renamed by the quest to "Aela's Shield"), which had to be slightly tweaked to give out a new item. If the required quest has already been completed, use AddItemMenu. This circumstance will not affect other Artefakes.
  1. The author does not pretend to be infallible in his concept. I know that
  2. there are similar mods on the internet (which sin by inter-borrowing
  3. Mod does not contain textures using in-game. So if you have a pink steel sword retexture installed, don't blame me :)
  4. Distributors (and plagiarists), be polite - asking the author's consent is easy.
  1. Verified by Mef3R - for consulting on Legacy of the Dragonborn fashion and testing museum pieces.


Not compatible with other model replacers of course.
Artifact mods like Reliquary of Myth and Zim's Immersive Artifacts will need patching.
Originally the mod come with a patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn, but it is outdated and incompatible with the newest version so I didn't upload it.

I suggest to put this mod under your bashed patch and manually patch yourself.

registrant from
Translation is heavily based on a LE version from Tesgeneral.