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Unisex Ancient Nord Armour/Armor variants! Nord Hero sets! Female Ancient Nord set for men! Mod compatibility! Lore-friendly!
Will I be stopped? WHO KNOWS?

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Are you ANNOYED that the male and female variants of the Ancient Nord Armo(u)r are vastly different from each other?
Are you DISGUSTED that there is a schism in the community over whether or not Ancient Nord Armo(u)r is light or heavy?
Are you RILED that there is no Nord Hero Armo(u)r to compliment the Nord Hero Weapons?
Are you RATHER QUITE ANGRY that the Ancient Nord Armo(u)r is a rarity in the game and the ability to craft said low-level armo(u)r is given to you at the end of the Companions questline?

If yes, then ANCIENT NORD ARMO(U)RY EXTREME is certainly the mod...


Ancient Nord Armo(u)ry EXTREME (ANAE) is an armour overhaul that splits the male and female variants of the Ancient Nord set into heavy and light, respectively, and also introduces additional variants with a matching shield. All armours have weight support. ANAE fixes the crafting progression of the Ancient Nord armours and spawns them in the levelled lists with enchanted variants, making the Iron-equivalent set easier to acquire earlier on. Instead of being given the ability to craft these low-level armours at the end of the Companions questline, ANAE instead gives the more fitting reward of being able to convert the armours into powerful Nord Hero armours (requires the Advanced Armors perk).

    • Light Boots*
    • Light Bracers*
    • Leather Helmet*
    • Light Armor*
    • Huntress Armor*

    • Heavy Boots* (vanilla FormID)
    • Heavy Gauntlets* (vanilla FormID)
    • Horned Helmet* (vanilla FormID)
    • Antler Helmet*
    • Infantry Helmet*
    • Lord Helmet*
    • Heavy Armor* (vanilla FormID)
    • Medium Armor*
    • Lord Armor*
    • Ancient Helmet of the Unburned (vanilla FormID)
    • Helm of Yngol (vanilla FormID)

    • Ahzidal’s Boots (vanilla FormID)
    • Ahzidal’s Gauntlets (vanilla FormID)
    • Ahzidal’s Helmet (vanilla FormID)
    • Ahzidal’s Armor (vanilla FormID)

    • Shield*
    • Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana (vanilla FormID)
    • Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy (vanilla FormID)
    • Ancient Nord Amulet (vanilla FormID)
    • The Gauldur Amulet (vanilla FormID)
    • Kyne’s Token (vanilla FormID)
    • Everscorch (greatsword)

*upgradable to 'Nord Hero' versions

    • These armours are only craftable at the Skyforge
    • All armour addons are altered but the vanilla .nifs remain unaltered (except the male gauntlet meshes, which have been enlarged slightly)Assume that all of the vanilla Ancient Nord nifs have been replaced.
    • You can use texture replacers on the Ancient Nord armours (since they are reshapes of the vanilla armours). However, the Nord Hero armours, the Ahzidal set, and the Ancient Nord Lord Helm have unique textures, so you would have to modify them yourself if you want to make them consistent with your preferred texture mod(s).
    • This mod does not affect the armours on the actual Draugr enemies, nor does this mod let you take the armour off of a Draugr’s corpse.
    • The Ancient Nord Lord Helmet has a different set of .nifs and its own skin, so it won’t be affected by any Helm of Yngol Replacer you have. The Helm of Yngol itself is affected by a darker reskin, which you are free to delete. As of V1.1, the Helm of Yngol has its own set of nifs in addition to a new reskin.
    • As of V1.1, The Ancient Helm of the Unburned (AHotU, the best acronym I might add) though retaining its vanilla armour FormID, its armour addons are unique. On a related note, the greatsword accommpanying the AHotU, Everscorch, overwrites the cell record that originally places an enchanted greatsword. I don't know how these changes would conflict with other mods and a patch may be required depending on your mod setup.
    • The enchantments of Kyne’s Token and the Helm of Yngol have been buffed.
    • The levelled lists for Nordic ruins have been altered to have more Nordic-styled weapons and armours. Use Wrye Bash (or similar program) to create combined levelled list patches. Nord Hero armours and weapons will not or ever be placed in Nordic ruins or wielded by Draugr (I mean come on, an undead monster called a “DEATHLORD” wielding a weapon for a hero lol)
    • The Ancient Nord Amulet has been given its own blank skin while Kyne's Token has its own Kyne carved skin. The amulet has been given a crafting recipe.
    • The Ahzidal set has its own corundum texture with an alternate Lord Armor mesh and needs to be improved with corundum. Ahzidal’s rings have been given their own .nifs with their own unique looks.
    • Aela the Huntress’ outfit and class have been altered, so she wears her familiar huntress attire, while being proficient in the light armour skill (to counteract the USKP change).
    • Some of the Heroes of Sovngarde (and Ysgramor) wear the Nord Hero armours.
    • The Heavy Armour pieces and Light Armour pieces use the keywords “DLC2ArmorMaterialNordicHeavy” and “DLC2ArmorMaterialNordicLight”, respectively. The Medium Armour and Infantry Helmet are classed as heavy armour, being made of iron.
    • Please check if you have any mesh replacers that conflict with this (eg. Practical Female Armors).
    • Please understand that although I did my best on the weight painting, some armours may clip.
    • All modded cuirasses have Frostfall keywords, with the Lord cuirasses offering the most coverage and warmth.
    • All armours have Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade keywords and most stats are consistent with it. Install the Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (CCOR) patch to obviously make ANAE work with CCOR. Place ANAE after WAFR and CCOR.
    • Please understand that I make patches for mods that I play. If you want to patch for this mod, go right ahead (and credit me).
    • I have not tested your preferred acronymed booby skeleton mod with ANAE and it would most likely be incompatible. You are free to make a compatibility patch yourself but please don’t expect me to do it.

I originally conceived this mod early in 2018, but since I didn’t have the know-how on how to port between Blender, NifSkope and Skyrim, the scope of the mod was limited to reskins, so I held off it until I could do it justice. After I made Finally A Steel Plate Shield For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Special Edition), I used what I learned to export the male reshapes of the female Ancient Nord armour I was working on successfully to Skyrim and suddenly, ANAE’s original scope was not only possible, but I can also do more. And I did.

All mesh reshapes and custom meshes were made by me. All of the original meshes and textures were made by Bethesda Game Studios. Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade keywords by kryptopyrFrostfall keywords by Chesko. Ancient Nord Club mesh (present in ANAE's Heavy Armory patch) by PrivateEye. Ancient Nord Greatsword  mesh (present in ANAE's Believable Weapons Patch) by jg1.

Programs used: Blender (with the Blender NifTools Import/Exporter), XEdit, NifSkope, NifUtilsSuite, Photoshop, SSE Nif Optimizer

Special thanks to the developers of the above software, Bethesda Game Studios and kryptopyr (whose mods I based some stats on and for making such amazing mods)

This mod’s spiritual predecessor, Vault Jumpsuits EXTREME, a Fallout: New Vegas mod.