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Add-On for Stances - Dynamic Animation Sets by OmecaOne.
Gives some flavour to each Stance in the form of various buffs and debuffs with an MCM (supports presets) allowing for further customization.

Permissions and credits

Personalizes each of the Stances provided by Stances - Dynamic Animation Sets by OmecaOne. The
goal being to make each of the stances competitive with the others, including Neutral Stance, with the ideal stance being dependent on the situation.
This mod provides only numerical stat changes to the Stances and an MCM to adjust the values to one's liking. Everything else (animations etc) needs to come from the parent mod / DAR.

Base Attack Speed (Important!): Attack speed changes in this mod require a base WeaponSpeedMult larger than 0.0. You can/should get this from mods like Attack Speed Framework, but any other mod that provides a non-zero base WeaponSpeedMult will very likely be fine too. More information is provided in the spoiler below.
From the ASF description page:
The way attack speed was handled in vanilla Skyrim is flawed. Normal attack speed can be achieved with a weaponspeedmult of 1, 0, or any negative number. 150% attack speed is 1.5 and 50% attack speed is 0.5. Vanilla Skyrim starts all characters with a value of 0 and then adds 1+x to give the character an x% attack speed boost. The problem with this method is that attack speed is not properly stackable.

If you take Dual Flurry perk you'd get +1.2. If you also gained some ability from another mod that gave +15% attack speed, you'd get another +1.15. This would resilt in 235% attack speed instead of the 135% you'd expect. This design also makes debuffs impossible to manage since adding 0.80 to achieve a 20% speed loss could have the opposite result in the presence of any other attack speed effects.

If you're not using any mods which fix the player's base attack speed, use this MCM option. For compatibility it is disabled by
default, so if you need to enable it simply do so.

Download and install with mod manager of choice. Can be placed anywhere in your load order so long as it is below its masters.

High Stance: Emphasizes aggression providing more attack and break power than any other stance at the expense of limiting your defence, overall maneuverability, and stamina regeneration.
Modifiers: Attack Damage +30%, Power Attack Damage +10%, Damage Resistance -10%, Attack Speed -20%, Stamina Regeneration -10%.

Mid Stance: The most defensive of the stances. Excelling at blocking and damage reduction you are harder to stagger. Comes with a modest loss of attack power.
Modifiers: Attack Damage -10%, Block Efficiency +10%, Stagger Resistance +10%, Damage Resistance +5%.

Low Stance: Focuses on evasive movement . Attacks from this stance are faster but don't strike as hard, tiring you less and allowing for greater stamina regeneration.
Modifiers: Attack Damage -20%, Power Attack Stamina Cost -20%, Attack Speed +20%, Movement Speed +10%, Stamina Regeneration +10%.

Neutral Stance: Completely neutral.
Modifiers: No modifiers.

All values configurable via MCM. Supports saving/loading presets if you have FISS or PapyrusUtil installed, the latter of which will be loaded automatically when starting a new game.
Dedicated to McSaltMaster and Arlen from the skyrimmods Discord. A huge thank you once again to Arlen for providing invaluable
feedback and QA.

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