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Reorder your plugins to match your mod order

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This is a simple plugin to reorder your plugins (right side of Mod Organizer) to match your load order (left side).

Especially useful if you have a lot of overlapping mods that ship loose files, e.g. armor mods.

Generally, you'll organize your left side so that the correct mods win any conflicts to get the behavior you want, and let LOOT take care of the right side. But when mods ship loose files, it often matters that the right side match the left so that the records in the ESPs get the version of the external files they expect. 

To use this plugin, order your left side how you like, then run the plugin from the "Tools" menu, then run LOOT. LOOT will order plugins according to Skyrim's rules but will generally try to keep plugins in their existing order if they aren't affected by a rule. You'll end up with a load order on the right side that matches the order you set on the left, except where Skyrim's rules require something different. (At which point you should really reorder your left side to match.)