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A combination of different tweaks to all kinds of movement speeds, inspired by predecessors and tweaked for realism.

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This mods purpose is to make movement feel realistic and more immersive. It's mainly focused on lowering max movement speeds to more reasonable

I took inspiration from multiple mods of this kind that have been done before and made my own ideal compilation of their changes with this mod.

The changes are:

Sprinting Speed has been lowered
Jogging (normal forward movement) has been slowed down everywhere
sneaking in walk mode has been accelerated, to make it more viable
sneaking in default mode has been slowed
movement with a bow drawn has been slightly altered
Player walking has been accelerated to match NPCs better
all backward movement has been slowed down
movement when blocking has been accelerated
swimming speeds have been slowed down a lot
werewolf sprint speed is a tiny bit slower
Horses move a bit faster
Horses also run a bit faster
Horses swim a bit faster with the intention of being less anoying when you accidentally drop into a body of water when riding.
some more less noticable changes to movement speed in different occasions

Compatible with everything as long as you load the plugin after stuff that could change the same records. That's for example Wildcat, Combat Evolved and other movement speed dedicated mods.