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Simple alternate start plugin with 8 "orphan" style starts. Primarily designed as companion mod to Dealing with Daedra.

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Skyrim starts you with 0 perks and no particular skills, suggesting your character is extremely young, but most starting scenarios drop you in the middle of a life where you should have some perks, skills or a family. I find this a little jarring. This is a simple set of starts for a young character to be in Skyrim with no family. All the starts are designed to be used with Dealing with Daedra, offering pointers to various features or hubs for easy roleplay transtions.

(AP port available

Starts (accessed under the dialog branch "I recently came of age, all alone in a hostile province"):
I've been disowned and failed to enter the college of Winterhold
The vigilant took me in after an attack, I'm old enough for a mission
I'm dirty and afraid in the Markarth Warrens after my mother was executed
I'm mourning my father in the Windhelm Hall of the Dead
I've been shipped off to Skyrim to attend the School of Julianos
I've just aged out of the Honorhall Orphanage
I'm visiting Falkreath from my home in Helgen to look for work.
I've fled to Whiterun from Rorikstead after my father's deathbed confession.

Hard requirement
(Arthmoor deleted his LE files, you will need to find a mirror of Live Another Life from somewhere off nexus if you don't already have it)

Soft requirement (not strictly speaking required, but without it there will be a number of references to people or places that don't exist):