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The mod dynamically changes the speed of the character depending on the slope of the terrain, the weight of the inventory and the presence of shoes, and also simulates realistic falls and sliding.

Permissions and credits
Uphill-Downhill Project
SE version here.

Terrain slope
In the original Skyrim, a character can run uphill and downhill at the same speed, until the incline reaches critical, and then stops rooted to the spot. With this mod, the speed will dynamically decrease when moving up, and increase when moving down, and these changes will not affect other speed modifiers (for example, from other mods).

In the original Skyrim, the character, like a cat, always lands on his feet, regardless of the height of the fall. Even if the fall turned out to be fatal, he will stand up, and then the death animation will play. But what if we are not playing as a Khajiit? With this mod, when falling from a sufficiently large height, the physics engine will start acting on the body, and the player will lose control of the process. Now you will not be able to deftly land on your feet, jumping off, for example, from the West Watchtower - the character will collapse in a heap to the ground. Falls function also works when going downhill on too steep inclines, simulating slipping.

Inventory weight
In the original Skyrim, a character could run with a full inventory, and then suddenly catch a butterfly and be "overwhelmed". With this mod, the speed will gradually decrease as the backpack is full.

Availability of shoes
In the original Skyrim, shoes are needed only as an element of armor, apparently protects against an arrow in the knee. With this mod, you can use shoes, as in real life, to protect your feet, which, of course, will affect the speed of movement.

MCM settings

The mod is equipped with an MCM menu, in which you can set up all the variables in detail and disable unnecessary functions.

SkyUI or SkyUI-Away

Starting and stopping mod:
To enable this mod: MCM menu-->Uphill-Downhill Project-->Activate mod.
To disable this mod: MCM menu-->Uphill-Downhill Project-->Disable mod.

  1. Uphill-Downhill Project is fully compatible with other speed mods. Mods such as "Frostfall", "Realistic Needs and Diseases", "Wet and Cold", etc.
  2. Uphill-Downhill Project is incompatible with mods that change speed dynamically (but it is not exactly, need tests).
  3. Uphill-Downhill Project is partially incompatible with flight and levitation mods. The fall function can be triggered when diving or rapidly climbing. Or it may not work, specific tests are needed here. If you have a similar problem, increase the angles that cause falls or disable this feature.

Removing the mod:
  1. Disable the mod using the "bat UdpStop" console command or the "Disable mod" button in the MCM menu. It is necessary!
  2. Save to a new slot
  3. Exit from Skyrim
  4. Delete the following files:
  5. in the game folder: UdpStart.txt, UdpPause.txt, UdpStop.txt and UdpRestore.txt
  6. in the data folder: Uphill-Downhill Project.esp
  7. Load the last save
  8. Save the game to a new slot

Problems and bugs:
  1. Mod does not work on NPCs.
  2. Falling bug from horses. Disable the fall function when riding and dismounting.

Important notes and further mod updates:
  1. I just uploaded this mod here with permission from the original mod author(bloodredlobster). Original mod page here.
  2. The mod was created in 2014 and has since been abandoned.
  3. The mod requires some work. The author has given permission to update this mod. The source files are included in the mod archive.
  4. If anyone wants to create an improved version of this mod, please feel free to do.