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Allows you to enchant multiple items at once, speeding up the tedious enchanting process when leveling enchanting.

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Leveling enchanting is tedious, because for every single enchantment, you need to select the item, the enchantment and the soul gem. With this mod, you can enchant multiple items at once with the same enchantment and soul gem type.

The bulk enchanter copies a source enchantment from one of your weapons to weapons in a chest at the cost of one soul gem per weapon. As with normal enchantments, the enchantment strength is independent from the soul gem, so the enchantments will always have the same strength as the source enchantment. Only the number of charges depends on the soul gem, so better soul gems will yield more charges. In particular, if you use the same soul gem type for bulk enchanting as you did for the source enchantment, you will get the exact same number of charges.

The bulk enchanter can be found in the Hall of Countenance (College of Winterhold) next to the Arcane Enchanter.

  1. Place the weapons you want to enchant in the weapon chest next to the bulk enchanter.
  2. Equip a player enchanted item in your right hand. You can only copy enchantments from weapons that were enchanted by you.
  3. Use the bulk enchanter and select which soul gems you want to use. If there are not enough weapons in the chest, you will get the unused soul gems back.
  4. The enchanted items will now be added to your inventory. Depending on the number of enchanted items, this can take several seconds. You can only use the bulk enchanter again, once the process is completed.

  • Skyrim Script Extender: SKSE

Q: What about armor?
A: Different armor slots allow for different enchantments and clothing may have stronger enchantments with certain mods. This makes it impossible to simply copy the enchantment.

Q: Is experience gain affected by Guardian Stones, the Well Rested bonus or other effects?
A: Yes, all experience modifiers also work when bulk enchanting.

Q: Is it compatible with modded enchantments, enchantment perks and multiple enchantments?
A: Yes, all these effects affect the source enchantment and since the source enchantment is copied, they will indirectly influence the newly enchanted weapons.

  • Items will be named: "ItemName (SourceItemName)"
  • There is a bug in Skyrim with how items are stacked. If the source weapon and the enchanted weapon are the same weapon (e.g. both iron daggers), they can be stacked on each other, even though their names are different.
  • Each enchanted weapon awards 1 enchanting xp (modified by xp modifiers as stated above). This is consistent with normal enchanting in vanilla (source).

  • The SKSE team for the papyrus functions for modifying enchantments on specific items.