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About this mod

This is the part 2 of PIE Standalone Followers. Add 4 standalone followers to Skyrim. Include English, Chinese and Japanese translation.

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About this mod:
Part 1:
This is the  part 2 of PIE Standalone Followers.
This mod add 4 standalone followers to your game: Luciana, Octavio, Alexia, Agatha.
This two parts share the same Data folders, but you don’t need the part 1 to run this mod.
All female characters use UNPB or CBBE Curvy body.
All male characters use bettermale underwear body.

Dawnguard DLC
Dragonborn DLC
HDT PE (Optional)  or HDT SMP

weight: 100
Class: Archer
Combat Style: Archery, Light armor, One-handed.
Location: Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead.

weight: 0
Class: SpellSword
Combat Style: One-handed, Heavy armor, Destruction, Restoration.
Location: Frostfruit Inn, Rorikstead.

weight: 20
Class: Assassin
Combat Style: One-handed, Archery, Light armor, Sneak.
Location: Bards College, Solitude.

weight: 100
Class: Frost Mage
Combat Style: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration.
Location: The Arcanaeum, Winterhold College.
Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K
Fair Skin Complexion
XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS
SG Female Textures Renewal
Mikan Eyes
Kijiko Hair
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles
The Eyes Of Beauty
Pretty Face
SOS Fair Skin men retexture and bonuses for males
Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for all Races and Genders
SG Hair
Community Overlay 3 (51- 70) Bodypaints Warpaints and Tattoos