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Allows you to fully upgrade the Ebony Blade to the version described by both the journal and by Mephala.

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Are you tired of owning yet another vampiric blade? Are you disgusted that Mephala never delivered on her promise to give you the Ebony Blade described in the legends? Are you sick and tired of not being able to kill people while they smile at you and ask your opinion on the weather?

If so, this mod is for you! It fixes the subquest you get after receiving the Ebony Blade, and allows you to unlock the real version that was hidden in the game data and never implemented.

I would like to stress that with this version of the sword, NPCs and mobs that are normally hostile to you, such as bandits and bears, will still attack you on sight. The only thing that's significantly different about this blade is, if you go into a town and start whaling on a guard with it, he won't attack you, and you won't get a bounty until someone sees you kill him. (or her)

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to change their ebony blade so that it is fully one-handed or two-handed head over and pick up their favorite patch from Ebony Blade Fixed. It's a wonderful patch, and is fully compatible with both the main file AND the enchant-related optional file you'll find here.

== Installation ==

Place "DA08EbonyBladeAlertEffectScript.pex" and "DA08EbonyBladeTrackingScript.pex" in the Data/Scripts folder.

The optional files are as follows:

Full Ebony Blade Old Enchant: This file adds the enchant found on the drained Ebony Blade to the fully restored one. It is almost certainly not what the developers intended, and it could be considered overpowered.

== Requirements ==

- Skyrim

== Incompatibility ==

- This should be compatible with any other mod that edits the original ebony blade. (I.E. the one you pick up off the table)

== To-Do List ==

- Restore the enchant glow. I can't seem to figure out why it's missing.