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The Bethesda Twitch Integration system allows your Twitch viewers to interact with your game in new and exciting ways!

Permissions and credits
For documentation on how to use it, please refer to the BTI website.

Support for other games coming eventually.

Requires latest SKSE.

Other versions:

Huge thanks to, as for without you this would never have been possible:

  • meh321 - for permissions to make use of the consoleUtils code.
  • kinggath - for Papyrus assistance.
  • reverett - for C++ assistance.
  • shavkacagarikia - for C++ assistance.
  • shad0wshayd3 - for C++ assistance.
  • reg2k - for their fantastic RVA implementation.
  • Script Extender Team - for the script extender.
  • Bethesda - for the fantastic games and opportunity to do this.