Linguists of Skyrim - Dragon Tongue Translation kit by oneguy090
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Linguists of Skyrim: Dragon Tongue Translation


This mod adds a stone tablet containing all the letters of the dragon alphabet and their corresponding latin letters. It also adds a 5 volume dictionary (each volume has all the words for 5 latin letters) which has all known words in the dragon language with their translations. All of this can be found in High Hrothgar. Check the images section for a more detailed location.

You are probably wondering why you would use these, as there are only a few instances where something is written fully using the dragon tongue. Well, that's wrong. Every word wall in the game has a story inscribed on it written in draconic. When you learn a new shout you just learn one word from that particular story. You can also use the dictionary to translate the names of some dragon priests and other draugr to find out potentially useful information about them.


Same as usual. Download, extract contents to your Data folder. Open Skyrim launcher, check 'LinguistPack.esp' from the list and launch the game.


For ease of use, you should first grab a pen and paper, drop the Alphabet Tablet on the floor (or just look at it from your inventory) and write down everything you decoded.
Then, open the needed dictionary volume and translate what you wrote down.


I plan on making the tablet a shield you can equip so decoding is easier and goes more fluidly.


No mods are required, but I HIGHLY recommend MacTac's 'Books Notes Paper HD 2K'. It makes the paper much less annoying.


2/19/2012, V1.0: Initial release.