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Created to be used by the executioners of the Dragonguard temples, these detailed, dense, gold-plated armor made their wearers look like fearsome obese giants. With their expressionless small helmets, and carrying gigantic war hammers, the frightening shape of one of these executioners was the haunted last vision of many condemneds do death.

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Forerunners of the Blades, the Dragonguard was a powerful order of dragon hunters and guardians of Reman Cyrodiil and his empire, as well as his descendants. Originally formed by humans from Akaviri, who recognized Reman I as Dragonborn, and swore fidelity to it, it soon became composed of races from the most varied points of Tamriel. This made Dragonguard extremely multicultural, in addition to affecting the design of its weapons and armor. 

Among the most impressive, is the gold-plated Dragonguard Executioner Armor, a heavy, wide armor, worn by the executioners of the temples occupied by Dragonguard throughout Tamriel. Their armor was made to make their occupants look like gigantic obese imposing and fearless men, using expressionless particularly small helmets without the smallest sign of emotions or empathy, discouraging betrayals or invasions of these places, since no one wanted to have their heads crushed by the giant war hammers they carried, while being stared at by a lifeless expression of a small golden metal face. The last face that many saw before they lost their lives, to the giant hammer used by these merciless executioners.

Produced in extreme detail, the armor consists of numerous layers of dense gold plates extremely decorated, and adorned by thorns. Enchanted by Dragonguard wizards, they were usually given to executors with powerful enchantments that facilitated their function, increasing their strength, dexterity and endurance. Their helms had a certain resistance to fire, giving the user of the complete armor considerable resistance to attacks by dragons and other draconians, since they are generally fire-based. And this makes sense, since at the time they were even used to carry out the execution of several of these creatures, imprisoned for interrogation previously.

Their hammers are so powerful that they have the ability to gradually deteriorate opponents' armor, even shaking their stance in combat. Despite this, they are very heavy and slow. Characteristic that they share with the armor, making it difficult to run in it, and slightly delaying the restoration of stamina. 

Although very heavy, the protection that the armor offers is superior to that of all vanilla sets, losing among my creations only to my Dwarven Power Armor. Usually used ceremonially, and in very specific functions, this royal suit is probably not the right choice for an adventure in the mountains.

In Skyrim, the most well-known and feared user of it was the gigantic Executioner Shoda, who passed away millennia ago, and served the Empire as Headsman at Sky Haven Temple, but that is a subject for another mod. 

A complete set (with weapon included) was stolen from a Dragonguard ruin, or from Sky Haven Temple itself, and now rests in a chest, along with other loot spoils, in the area of ​​the Hag's End altar, guarded by Hagravens and Forsworn fanatics. The set is unisex, and both it and the weapon can be improved with gold ingots.

1 new set of armor- 
dragonguard executioner helmet
dragonguard executioner gloves
dragonguard executioner boots
dragonguard executioner cuirass

1 new set of weapon-
dragonguard executioner hammer

(The set was made to be used completely, and preferably only with pieces that are part of this set. This means that you can use only parts, and combined with other sets, but it will not match much, and the pieces will not fit perfectly. All the pieces are enchanted for personal reasons, I like different implementation and not simple generic placement of things on the map. There has to be a story behind things. There have to be benefits and harms, pros and cons, and this also applies to the fact that for example it is slow because it is very heavy.)

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn


Mihail- armor and weapons models, textures, animations, game implementation

Some assets used on this mod belong too:

cALAMIN- for the gold hd cubemaps

Since i inspired myself on Smough from Dark Souls 1 to create my armor,
i want to give thanks to Dark Souls developers (specially its creator Hidetaka Miyazaki),
Bandai Namco and From Software for this amazing game that i love so much