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This mod adds one Elven Leafblade stuck in a rock outside Lund's Hut.

Permissions and credits
Nicos Elven Leafblade v1.0

Reason for this mod:

Saw a picture of a sword I really liked the shape of and thought it would make a great short sword option in Skyrim.

It also looked fun to model :)

So I made it.

Where is it?

Stuck in a rock outside Lund's Hut.

See pictures and watch out for Skeevers.


Seems recently I have people who just NEED to know the stats of an item before they download it, and look for themselves.

Fair enough. Here Ya go>>>>

Strength = Same as a Daedric sword (16 base value in CS).

Speed = Slightly faster than a Daedric Sword (1.3 compared to 1.0).

Weight = 10

Enchantable? = Yes

Craftable? = Yes

Upgradable? = Yes

Blood mapped? = Yes

Will I have fun with this, and enjoy it? ......Maybe. I hope so :)


Unpack the 7zip and drop the data folder into your Skyrim folder.

Checkmark the Nicos Elven Leafblade.esp at start up or simply install with your favorite mod manager.


NONE without asking me first and gaining my approval.

I am reasonable, and can be contacted via PM on the Nexus.


Whomever designed this blade. I only modeled a version of it based on a picture.

Final thoughts:

I am basically retired now. I have fun making 3D models and playing with them in Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE. I also like to share what I make for others to enjoy in their games.

Have fun with it, and go slay some bandits for me :)