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All-new, hand-crafted HD textures for all ingots, ore, and mine veins, featuring new ingot meshes. Vanilla-styled. 2K & 1K options.

Permissions and credits
This is a backport from SSE of another great fadingsignal mod:
Metallurgy - Ingots Ore and Veins HD
SSE version used for this, is version 1.3.

For more screenshots, visit the SSE version on the link above.

Edit: Please update to version 1.1 if you still have 1.0

Original mod text (abridged):
I know there are a handful of replacers out there, but I wanted to put my own spin on Skyrim's crafting materials.  I kept the vanilla art style very close for the most part, but added a little bit of flair and some detail from their real-world counterparts.  For example, Ebony in Skyrim is a volcanic glass, and as such, it now looks a little bit more like volcanic obsidian.

All base game ores, ingots, and ore veins/deposits are covered.  The gem/geode veins in Dragonborn use the same textures, so those are covered as well.  Heart Stone veins have their own brand-new texture, and the Heart Stone "ingot" object has received a high quality AI upscale.

New meshes were created for the ingots, as the base game meshes had broken surface normals from triangulation (resulting in hard 'cuts' and angled lines that distort the surfaces.)  As such, my new ingot meshes are a bit less worn looking than the vanilla models, as I opted to make them look more "freshly made."

The collision sound for ingots has also been properly assigned in the mesh.  In the vanilla game they use the "medium boulder" impact sound, which made them sound like they weighed 500lbs.  They have all been changed to use metal solid, so they sound more like an iron pot being dropped.

Please note: These make heavy use of environment maps (reflections.) I have custom environment maps, so your game may look a little different than what is pictured in the screenshots.  I'm looking at releasing my custom cube maps as a separate mod, stay tuned.

All screenshots are in-game or NIFSkope.

Not compatible with other ingot / ore replacers.

Choose 1k or 2k, packed or loose.

    PACKED: Files are packed into BSA archives, and use an ESP as a "dummy" loader.  For those who have a clean load order with packed files, simply make sure this loads later in your load order.
    LOOSE: For those who use mod managers which barf loose files everywhere and require individual file overrides, you can grab the loose options.


I share this with the Skyrim community. Not to be used for financial gain, whatsoever. You may use it otherwise as per the permissions of Fadingsignal on the SSE page.

Thanks to Bethesda for this life-invading game, and to Nexus & community for completing the invasion. Couldn't have done it without you!