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A model and texture replacer that makes many of the common beds you will find in inns and all around Skyrim much better looking.

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"This is my room!? This poky little thing with a - there's a dead animal on this bed!" - Gopher

I've always thought that the beds found in say the sleeping giant inn looked extremely terrible and not to mention uncomfortable, so I decided to do something about it. This mod just contains loose files for the model and textures, the model uses completely different textures from the vanilla, in an entirely new path, so it shouldn't conflict with any texture mods, but the model name and path is the same as vanilla, so it will conflict with mods that replace the model for commonbed01.nif (not that I know of any).

The textures are in 4k with a 2k normal map, and as I am not a texture artist (I made these in photoshop) I openly invite and encourage any actual texture artists to create their own mods retexturing this one.

To install simply download with your mod manager of choice, or extract to your data folder if you're installing mods manually (which is not a great idea, but hey, you do you).

I hope this mod can add a splash more immersion into your game, as sometimes the small things can make all the difference.
Have fun!

SE Version Here:

Edited the model to make the mattress a bit more lumpy, and added a double bed.