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Adds variety to existing animations, through NPC personality types, conditions, or just randomly.

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Everglaid's Animation Variance
Animation variety for Dynamic Animation Replacer

Special Edition | Legendary Edition

Adds variety in currently existing animations based on NPC personality types, conditions, or just randomly, to make Skyrim feel a bit more diverse.
Some animations are done from scratch by hand, others as minor adjustments to the vanilla animations.


360 Movement Behaviour, CGO 
(For improved animation blending &/or using the optional player walk/run)
While I don't have a specific walk animation to recommend, adding in a replacer will make the ones from this mod stand out more.

Dynamic Animation Replacer 1.20+
Please endorse DAR, this wouldn't have been possible without them.

Please use a mod manager.
You can uninstall safely at any time, no scripts or savegame changes are in the mod.

All modules are optional and somewhat customizable through a FOMOD installation.
If you only want the torch bit, or just the player idles, you can do that.
Everything is 3rd person only.


Torch - NPC, Player
There are several ways to hold a torch. They may not all be optimal or safe, but hey- can't expect everyone to know.

Vanilla - 33% chance
Higher - 33% chance
Tilted away - 33% chance
Higher, tilted overhead - 33% chance when indoors
Choosing the modular installation will also let you completely replace the torch animation with one of mine without DAR, if you'd like.
(Math seems off but each are individual 33/100 checks, with priority determined by DAR)

Repurposed Idles - Player
Repurposes vanilla idles within the game files, making them accessible for the player.

Variant 1 - 20% chance
Variant 2 - 20% chance

Personality - NPC, Optionally Player
Small tweaks or new animations based an NPC's voice type, race or faction. You can toggle each individually in the installer.

Elderly, Unisex - Hunched idles, forward walk, run, dialogue anims, turning
(Battle Born/Grey-Mane elders, Tolfdir) (sitting anims are optional, WIP)

Children, Unisex - Neutral posture & arm position - forward walk, run

Feminine - Lifted wrists, bent elbows, arched back - forward walk, run, sitting
(YoungEagerFemale voice type ex. Camilla, Ysolda- very subtle.)

Haafingar Officials - Unisex: 25% chance for new idle
(Imperial Guards, Solitude Guards, Penitus Oculatus. Must be in the Haafingar area.)

Egoistic, Unisex - Straighter posture, neck lifted - forward walk
(Thalmor, Taarie & Endarie, Nirya, Maven Black-Briar- extremely subtle.)

Note: NPCs have access to many more animations than the player, and I haven't tweaked every single possible one.
While I tried to cover as many as I could, (60+) you'll still see elders use normal animations when shifting weights when standing/sitting, etc.
There's a ton of unused/unfinished/repeated animations in the animations .bsa, and I'd rather not waste time editing those.

The secondary download will allow you to select some of these animations for the player.
They look a bit exaggerated imo from a locked camera viewpoint- I'd only recommend the feminine one.

Alternate animations for some things that I've seen players dislike/complain about, as well as some animations that could simply use variety.

Wounded - 50% chance for 2 of the 3 "wounded sitting" animations to have a variant.
The lying on side one isn't changed due to it having an "enter" and "exit" transition.
(ex. Veezara/Arnbjorn wounded in the DB questline.)

Magical elevation - Alternate "Float up" and "Float down" animations that are less panicked and more comfortable. Requires over 150 maximum magicka points.

Lying down - 50% chance for alternate animation with hands on stomach rather than behind head. There is no transition animation for this (yet) so it might be a bit snappy or odd looking when it begins. Because of that, this one is disabled by default. Use the modular installation option to activate it.

Future plans:
Sleeping animations - basic turning, maybe exclusive ones for werewolves
Alternate clapping/cheering - dear god the clapping
More personality
1st person torch animations - i don't know how to make 1st person ones w/o blender :s