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New spells aimed for vampire characters with new stylized visuals.

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SE Version

Hello, this is my first mod so if there are any problems or suggestions your feedback will help me improve.

This mod is inspired by the visuals of black lightning from the game's "Infamous" evil ending. It contains 4 spells as of now which are modified versions of vanilla shock spells with altered meshes, textures and an added drain health effect. Might add more spells and retouch the visuals in the future. Screenshots were shot in vanilla skyrim (except header image).

Crimson Current - Novice

Concentrated spell that deals 8 points of shock damage per second to health, half of that to magicka and if caster is a vampire also absorbs 4 points of  health per second.

Crimson Chain - Adept

Deals 40 points of shock damage on hit, half of that to magicka and then leaps to a new target, if caster is a vampire absorbs 10 points of health per hit.

Crimson Fissure - Expert

Concentrated spell which opens a crimson fissure on the ground that creates a wall of black lightning, dealing 50 points of shock damage per second,
        half of that to magicka, if caster is a vampire concentrated spell also absorbs 10 points of health per second.

Crimson Javelin - Expert

Long range lightning bolt which does 60 points of shock damage, half of that to magicka. If caster is a vampire absorbs 20 points of health per hit.

Aspect of Blood - Toggle Power

        Caster channels their vampiric blood to manifest an aspect of blood around them. Boosts all physical and spell damage by 50%, +50 flat armor rating,
        drains 10 health per second from caster. Power is toggleable. (Cant be used by non-vampires)

Acquisition: The 4 crimson spell tomes are added to Serana's inventory, trade with her or pickpocket her to acquire, the aspect of blood power spell tome
is added to Harkon.


Compatible with Ordinator and all perk mods that reference vanilla perks to work.

Spells are stand-alone so it should be compatible with everything, Although there could be issues since it edits Serana's inventory, if there are problems with that i will upload a version without adding the tomes to her.


Use your preferred mod manager to install the mod
manually: drop all files in the Skyrim SE data folder. Dont forget to enable the esp.


SRW0 - for using some of his textures as a base reference or directly for this mod.
xDarkOdinx - for his detailed guide on editing textures and meshes.
Jebbalon - helpful tips and media content