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A new replacer for the Necromancer's Amulet.

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A replacer for the Necromancer's Amulet with unique new models and textures.

Skyrim Special Edition version


The Necromancer's Amulet is an ancient and powerful artifact of Mannimarco, and is an optional reward for the Blood on the Ice quest in Skyrim.

The amulet's designs across the Elder Scrolls games, spin-offs as well as in-game information were referred and inspired this mod.

This mod turns the elliptical vanilla amulet into an octagonal pendant, with a jade skull circumscribed in a basin.
Two glowing eyes are inset within the skull, a version without these eyes has also been provided.
Fragments of black soul gems are inset on the metal ring and mosaicked in the basin.
The metal base is dark like Ebony with an ornate pattern etched on it.
Daedric runes are inscribed clockwise on the pendant.
The chain segments are shaped like bones.

Compatibility, Installation, Uninstallation, and Load Order

There are two main replacer files, one comes with the glowing eyes, the other without. Textures are primarily in a combination of 2k and 1k.

Each main file contains loose files with meshes and textures, and no plugins. They can be installed/loaded anywhere if there are no conflicts.
If there are any conflicts, load/install this mod after the other conflicting mods.

Any conflicts or incompatible mods can be reported in the comments.

The optional file contains an esp and can be installed/loaded anywhere in the installed files list (relevant for certain mod managers) and plugins load order.

To uninstall any version of the mod, the added files can simply be deleted.

Optional File

An optional file has been provided which does not modify the vanilla amulet and instead adds the new model as a stand-alone unenchanted amulet named "Talisman of the Black Worm" that can be added via console commands (ID: XX000800 where XX is the mod index of the esp) or by using AddItemMenu mod.

The file also shares the same texture files as the main replacers, and both the main replacer (either version) and the optional file can be installed together in any order without any concerns.