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This mod is a mesh clean up/ resize and retexture of my Bow of the Drow model to look more like the Bow it was modeled after. As of v1.1 the model has been re-rigged for proper bend during animation and proper string placement.

Permissions and credits
Lothlorien Bow v1_1

Reason for this mod:

Long ago I created a mesh based on the shape of the Lothlorien Bow or otherwise known as The Bow of the Galadhrim.
At the time I wasn't that proficient at modeling or texturing so it got a black texture with some glow mapping
Tengwar script, and was released as the Bow of the Drow.
I decided to go back and clean up the mesh as well as redo the UVmapping, and give it the texture it was originally meant to have.

What does this mod do?:

This adds one Lothlorien Bow to Dragontooth Crater. It's under the ribcage of a dead Mammoth.
It is also craftable, and upgradable with the Daedric smithing perk (same items required to smith a Daedric Bow).

How strong is it?:

Same as Daedric but slightly faster.


Unzip the 7zip file to your Skyrim folder normally found at C:/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim.
Place a checkmark next to the plugin 'Lothlorien Bow' at game start.

Or use the mod manager, and skip to the fun.

Known issues:


Change log:

1.0 initial release

1.1 ReRigged bow model for proper bend during animation, and adjusted lighting properties

Final thoughts:

Just making new toys to play with :)