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Savage Skyrim gives a more realistic and believable feel to it's creatures, while also providing the player new challenges and hazards to avoid or overcome. This mod is meant to give the player the feeling that every vanilla creature has actual weight and mass, while also providing a new challenging world to survive in.

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[ [ [ Mod Author Rougeshot ] ] ]

Hello fellow modders, I'm Rougeshot and I'm open to any feedback or constructive criticism you may have, but keep in mind that I have a full time career and am in college part time, so it may be a while before I can respond to any comments or questions you may have.  Please be patient with any questions or concerns and I will respond as soon as I am able. Please keep tracking my mods and profile for any news or updates to my latest mods! 

Please feel free to send me as many images or videos as you like, I truly enjoy seeing your encounters!  And if you enjoy the mod hit that thumbs up button so that your fellow modders will have an easier time finding this mod among the thousands of others.

Thank you so much for your support.


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A huge THANK YOU  to the nexus community for placing Savage Skyrim among the Hot Mods!


Savage Skyrim is meant to give the player the feeling that every creature has weight and mass to their attacks.  Every vanilla creature has been given new or tweaked abilities to reflect this in game.  Creatures will stagger or knock you down depending on their relative size to the player, giving you a much more believable and realistic experience in combat. With Savage Skyrim If you're hit by a creature that would weigh several hundred pounds more than an average human, your combat experience will reflect that.

In Savage Skyrim certain creatures will react to flames with fear, and will be kept at bay if used correctly, giving players a fighting chance if they are in over their heads.  Creatures have also been given limitations to their movement in battle by way of "Mortal Enemies" which this mod uses as a foundation. 

Savage Skyrim also includes the standard or vanilla versions of everyone of my previous mods to date.

As of
Version 3.0+ Savage Skyrim includes color variations of creatures using Belleyaches 2K Textures. For those of you looking for a more performance friendly version a Savage 1K Texture option is available here, thanks to the hard work of DeathLoop36.

To keep this description short and everything as spoiler free as possible I will not go into all the details of every creature and their tweaks, but I have provided a few images of what you can expect to experience.  

Savage Skyrim will not be for everyone, it is going to make Skyrim a far more dangerous and difficult place to traverse, and some players may find that off-putting.  And that's OK, but if you're like me and enjoy the challenge of overcoming or getting ripped apart by dangerous creatures then this mod is definitely for you! 

A video showcasing Smite & Stagger with Savage Skyrim, completing the Bleak Falls Barrow quest!

! ! ! Tips for Survival ! ! !

Savage Skyrim is meant to be played with a new play-through for the most enjoyable experience, although not required it is recommended!

Torches are useful for keeping certain creatures at bay and can be very effective when used in combat.

In the vanilla game there was no consequence to attacking large creatures head on. In Savage Skyrim you will need to use real tactics and avoid being hit.  You'll need to stick and move out of the way of attacks, playing normally by just trading blows toe to toe with large creatures will only end in tears.

Consider using a dodge mod like TK Dodge, it can really help with avoiding attacks.
In Savage Skyrim everyone needs a friend, large creatures can be extremely challenging one on one.  Having a follower to warn you of danger and help you out in a skirmish can mean the difference between life and death.  In Savage Skyrim some creatures are not meant to be tackled alone! Consider hiring a follower or your experience may end in tears! 

If you're used to just crushing every creature you see in front of you, you are going to have a very tough time in Savage Skyrim.  Retreat may be the better part of valor, as avoiding confrontations can sometimes be the wisest course of action.




Unfortunately I simply don't have the time to test compatibility with all the creature mods on the Nexus.  That being said it should still work with most other creature mods, but your experience will change depending on the mod in question.

Mods that make sweeping changes to vanilla skeletons e.g. "Realistic Ragdoll and Force" should be compatible as long as "Savage Skyrim" is installed after those mods and allowed to overwrite their files.

Savage Skyrim will conflict with most other creature mods that edit creature races in particular, so if using other creature mods you'll need to create a patch using TES5Edit 

Should be fully compatible with any texture mods, 
since this mod only adds to the vanilla textures!

Here is a starting list of compatible mods that should work out of the box with Savage Skyrim with only minor issues, just be sure to load Savage Skyrim below them.

High Level Enemies - Compatible 

Revenge of the Enemies 2016 - Compatible

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Compatible

KS Dragon Overhaul 2 - Compatible

Mortal Enemies - Compatible

Sky Test - Realistic Animals and Predators - Compatible

Melee Weapon Range Fix - Compatible

Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim - Compatible

Ultimate Combat - Compatible

No Dragon Lods - Compatible

FusaFusa Project - Fluffy Animals - Compatible

Incompatible Mods that cause weird bugs or game breaking issues!
In other words do not use with Savage Skyrim!

NpcHavokHit - Incompatible

! ! ! LOAD ORDER ! ! !

To get the full experience you'll need to place Savage Skyrim below most other creature, dragon and combat  mods!

And if you're already using a Skytest mod or the "Mortal Enemies" mod , load Savage Skyrim below it.  

! ! ! INSTALLATION ! ! !

Simply download and install with your favorite Mod Manager!

Install "Savage Skyrim" after any mod that makes changes to the vanilla creatures and "Overwrite" any files when prompted.

It is good modding practice to install Large mods like Savage Skyrim after the heavily Scripted Vanilla introduction, to avoid any bugs. 


The following mods listed below can be safely installed over Savage Skyrim if you desire alternate versions of those creatures in your game!  
Just be sure to follow the requirements.

e.g. Shell Effect Savage Bear 
Larger Trolls
XP32 Versions of 
Supreme Vampire Lords and Wicked Werewolves



Supreme Vampire Lords


! ! ! CREDITS ! ! !

These mods were used as the inspiration and foundation for Savage Skyrim, this mod would not exist without the hard work from these great mod authors!

Sky Test - Realistic Animals and Predators


Mortal Enemies


NARC - No Animals Report Crimes


Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack

! ! ! PERMISSIONS ! ! !

Mod authors have permission to create and upload Compatibility Patches to the Nexus as long as they require Savage Skyrim and do not try to water down the effects of this mod. 

! ! ! Warning ! ! !

I created Savage Skyrim to challenge players even at higher levels.
 Editing stats, abilities and removing effects, is the very definition of watering down the mod, and is not allowed under any circumstances.

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