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The mod is to provide the player with a teleportation spell, through dialogue with your partner, to bind the soul contract, so as to achieve the role of teleporting partner.

Permissions and credits
Spell books can be purchased from major spell merchants by 500 golds.

Binding contract conditions: (meet one of them)    
1. You have a good relationship with your friend (it means relationshiprank > = 2)
Note: if the soulmate did not follow you, he will not follow after the forced teleportation, but he can fight for you while you are in danger. (if you need the following function, you can Leave a message)        
2. Potential and current follower relationship          
3. Current hired relationship        
Speak to your friends to make a soul contract (visual effect will explode when successful)          

The spell is an aiming type spell, which means you can hit anywhere with it, and the follower will teleport there. (use it for strategic deployment, and can throw the annoyed follower away)       
Soullink is one-to-one binding, only one person can be bound with player, but it can be changed at any time.

Just a little tip: the mod within dialog can not be shown in the first time, you should save and load again.

1.I can't use it on a follower that was added by a mod
This problem exists because of the way that modders make a follower is different,So the conditional function can't meet them all.
To solve this,please use the console.Click the npc and input "setrelationshiprank player 2" or3or4