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Adds custom animations to the Daedric artifact Wabbajack.

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Please Note: I do not currently have Skyrim LE installed and so I have not tested this. That said, as this is a simple animation mod I do not expect there to be any issues.


Artifact Animation Replacer - Wabbajack
makes use of Felisky's Dynamic Animation Replacer to add custom animations to the daedric artifact Wabbajack. Currently idle and casting animations are implemented for left and right handed use of the staff.
For walking and running animations, I recommend YY animation replacer - Mystic Knight.

Now wielding Wabbajack gives you some of the mad flair of the Daedric Prince of Madness, and those who use his staff will sometimes burst out laughing while holding it (without sounds sadly, as that requires fiddling with behaviour files).

Some animations might not be perfectly smoothed out (e.g. the laugh in the right handed idle) as I've only started learning how to animate a couple of days ago.
I will update these animations as I learn while working on other projects.

See the video for an overview of the animations. NOTE: Magic animations come from the Mystic Knight animation replacer.

First, make sure you have the requirements installed. Then just drop the files
in your data folder, or install with your favourite mod manager.

Incompatible with other mods that use the folder numbers 666 and 667 in the _CustomConditions folder. To resolve this, simple rename the folders to other numbers.

Felisky for their awesome Dynamic Animation Replacer
Distar for providing a short tutorial on making animations
tktk for their update of the Animation Tools N3