About this mod

This mod is a standalone overhaul of SkyMoMod13, JacksGaMonster, and Colorful Magick. Add creatures with the same level that you and with spells from Colorful Magick.

Permissions and credits
Do you want to fight with hard and random enemies, and you hate to see the same enemies with same spells and skills all the time?.
Well this mod is the solution for that, but I have to warning you....this mod is hard.
This overhaul makes Skyrim varied and hard. All of this is thanks to SkyMoMod13, JackGaMonster and ColorfulMagick. Suke Creatures means something like amazing creatures and that's the purpose of this mod. This mod is a standalone version. Remember Wrye Basch can be really useful to make compatibilites in the leveled list.

  • Fixes on Weapons from SMM with wrong animations
  • Fixes on eternal time on certains spells 
  • Fixes on spells missing objects,NPC,Weapons and spells.
  • Fixes on attack races
  • Fixes on some creatures spells

Some Features
  • All these enemies have similar levels that you.(PC Level Mult)
  • Dragons have new shouts with their voices
  • Dragons cast spells with their attacks
  • Bandits,Warlocks,Forsworn,Vampires looks more random.
  • Bandits have different combat styles accordint to their races
  • Warlocks with random destructions,Conjurations,Defenses spells
  • Forsworn with different combat styles
  • Vampires with blood spells and conjurations CM
  • Dwemer have more automatons with special attacks
  • Falmer are random and now have more allies creatures
  • Hybrid creatures with forsworn,Vampires,Warlocks and Bandits.
  • Hagraven with CM spells.Now Conjure and disarm with their attacks
  • Giants with some spells when they hit to the enemy
  • Werewolves with summon familiar shout of random animal,
  • Draugrs with more random spells and with many allies creatures.
  • Skeletons with differents combat styles and with allies creatures.
  • Merchants sell all the spells and weapons from CM
  • CM bosses and dragons spawn random in skyrim
  • BSA version for better perfomance
  • Magic weapons with unlimited charges.
  • You can summon more creatures with certains spells.
  • Now you can get more CM scrolls in the game 
  • Draugr with random weapons from SMM and vanilla game

  • Replace the leveled list of Creatures and Humanoids. 
  • Replace Races for Creatures attacks to fix bugs. I Add a leveled spell to increase the power of npc.
  • I removed the SFX of horses when they are attacking.
  • Replace some vanilla NPC
  • To make compatibilites put this file in the end of the list and use Wrye Bash to make a bashed patch.
  • This mod is incompatible with SIC and MM but you can make a bashed patch for the implementation ot those mods.
  • Sorry my bad english. I hope everything is in order.