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Replacement of the Skyrim music engine to allow you to easily play custom music by just placing MP3 files into folders.

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This mod will allow you to play custom music without needing to deal with creating/modifying ESP files and converting to XWM format. This will allow you to simply copy files from your MP3 collection into folders that will play based on certain conditions you set.


Since I can't change the behavior of the Skyrim music engine, this mod works as a complete replacement. In order for this to work the first thing you need to do is go into your audio settings and set the music volume to zero so you will not hear music from the default Skyrim music engine. If you don't do this then you will hear both music from this mod and the default Skyrim music.

When you install this mod there will be a folder named CustomMusic underneath your Data folder. In here is a folder named default as well as twelve music type folders. The default folder is used for music that plays when no other music type is playing. You will want to copy your MP3 files into these folders.

Once you have your music copied over, you can go into the MCM and configure the conditions for when a particular music type will play. There is a priority to when these conditions match, so type 1 will be checked first for if the conditions match and play the music in that folder if it does. If conditions don't match, the engine will move down to check the conditions in the following music types. If none of the current conditions match the music types you have configured, then the default music will be played. Make sure to pay attention to the volume settings for each music type as these can be independently configured

If a folder is empty then no music will be played for that music type. This might come in handy for example when you might want complete silence in a dark dungeon. Simply leave the folder empty, set the conditions to be indoors at a dungeon location, and enable the music type.


Since I am sure this question will come up, this mod will only support MP3 files. Any requests to support other types of audio files will be ignored. It is complicated to try and support all the various types of audio file formats that exist and truth be told there are plenty of tools that will allow you to convert audio files to MP3 format. It doesn't take too much effort to convert your music collection to MP3 format to use with this mod.