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About this mod

Allow you do a forward rolling animation after landing from high to reduce the fall damage. This action is activated by a custom hotkey.

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Warning! This mod is currently not support for Gamepad users.
If you really likes this mod and want to use it with gamepad, leave me your comments. If there are enough people requests, I may consider build support for gamepad in the future.

SE Version is here :

What this mod does?

This mod allows you landing in a forward rolling animation to reduce the fall damage when falling from high, kind of likes common things done in other ACT video game (likes Assassins’ Creed, The Withcer 3, etc.).

The landing roll event is totally under you control, It active by a custom hotkey. you can choose do or not do a roll after landing.

Advantages compares to Fall Rolling Animation OG:

1. Totally contrallble, you can choose do or not do a roll when landing.

2. Scripts only fire when you carry out a landing roll. No patrolling scripts running in normal gameplay time.

3. No scripted animations. The rolling animation you see is just the replacement of vanilla game's walking, running and jump landing animations by 
Dynamic Animation Replacer.

You can see the demo video below:

How to Setup the mod?

1. Install SKSE and SkyUI

2. Install
Dynamic Animation Replacer

3. Download and install this mod with mod manager.

4. Go to the Mod's MCM Menu and mapped the "Landing Roll Hotkey".

How to rolling after landing?

When you are falling from high with weapon sheathed, once your character has his two arms fully opened, as the picture shown below:
(attention: this posture will change if you have animation mods that change the vanilla game  jump animations files)

 holding the forward key ("W") all the time and then tap the Landing roll hotkey you had mapped in MCM,  the player actor will then do a forward roll at the moment he lands, and the fall damage will reduce by half. 

Compatibility Issue:

1. Incompatible with PECA mods that contains these animation files below:


You have to delete all hkx files above from your PECA folder, otherwise the roll animation will not work.

The PECA mod includes FNIS PCEA, Project New Reign - Nemesis PCEA and Assignment depending on ActorBase PECA features from Dynamic Animation Replacer.

2. When using with other Dynamic Animation Replacer mod that using Assignment depending on custom conditions( for example, FMAK)

If this mod changes the hkx files above, you have to change the priority of this mod hkx files, to let the priority of my mod higher than it.

3. Not sure if it compatible with mods that overhaul the vanilla game 's walking and jumping behavior such as Combat Gameplay Overhaul, 360 Walk and Run Plus. needs to be confirmed. 
(Already confimed it works)


Q: I have meet some issues!

A: Before report any issue to me, for god's sake, check for things below first:

1. Have you install SKSE SkyUI and  Dynamic Animation Replacer correctly?

2. Are you using Gamepad?

3. Have you install any PECA mods?

4. Have you install any 
Dynamic Animation Replacer dependency mods?

5. Have you mapped the hotkey in MCM?

6. Did you sheath your weapon before jump?

7. Did you see the Message "Landing Roll  Ready" displayed in the left top screen?

8. If you saw the message, were you holding forward button ("w") all the time during falling?

9. Have you install any walking and jumping behavior overhaul mod such as Combat Gameplay Overhaul, 360 Walk and Run Plus?


tktk1 for forward roll hkx files

Felisky384 for DAR.