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Replaces all armours of the various Imperial factions in RoC with models from NordwarUA's replacers and adds custom textures

Permissions and credits
This Mod swaps the vanilla-based imperial armours in Rigmor of Cyrodiil.
The New Imperial Army will use the armours from New Legion (NL); Legion Veterans, Quintus' troops and Casius' Marines will use recolored/retextured armours based on Heavy Legion (HL).

SE version here

Included Changes in this Version:
- all Vanilla or vanilla-based imperial armours replaced
- several HL textures improved
- P
raetorians now wear the Penitus armour from NL
- Blackwells bodyguards wear the Penitus armour from HL, instead of Nightingale
- Quintus wears general armour, instead of Penitus
- temper recipes for all items
BONUS: temper recipes for Rigmor and Morgan armour sets
- All-In-One FOMOD installer

Optional stuff:
- texture variations - now with Malazan Marines
- Tiber Septim Armour: replaces the TS Armour with the Dragon/Emperor Armor from NL. The helmet of that set has been added to the chest that contains
Rigmors crowning outfit. This esp is independent of the Main file and only needs NL to work (should also work with "Authentic Legion", since file paths appear to be the same).
- Falkreath Armour: replaces the armour of Yngols troops and border guards with the version from NW's Guards Armor Replacer. Needs GAR to work, but esp can be disabled like NL. Also independent of main plugin.

Rigmor of Cyrodiil, obviously
-New Legion: download and install both the "Base" file (contains the meshes) and one of the texture packs. You CAN disable/delete the plugin
(DIS_Heavy_Legion.esp), if you don't want to use NL in the base game - just make sure the meshes and textures are installed correctly.
-(Guards Armor Replacer: for the Falkreath plugin)

-NordwarUA for his replacers and assets
-Jim for Rigmor
 - armor and shield assets
-gechbal - armor assets
-Registrant - Tullius sword
-Witcher 2 Armor Collection - some assets
-svg silh for the laurel vector
-freestocktextures for leather and fabric textures
-freepik for another leather texture
-texturelib for wood, metal and more wood textures
-texturehaven for a rust texture
-and my far more talented girlfriend for the sea serpent design, borders and the helmet insignia.