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  1. Andre334
    • member
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    Can i safely delete some songs that i dont like whitout breaking something?
  2. modluv
    • member
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    Thanks for this great mod, Dreyma!

    For those wondering as I was, here is a list of the songs on each track (although I can't identify #23).
    For mod version 1.0, updated 29 May, 2020.

    MMCombatAll01 – Aelles Fate, Artist:Rúnfell
    MMCombatAll02 – Angrboda, Artist:Danheim & Sigurbodi
    MMCombatAll03 – Asgard, Artist:Dreyma
    MMCombatAll04 – Atgeir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll05 – Berserker, Artist:Pawl D Beats
    MMCombatAll06 – Berserkir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll07 – Blodfest, Artist:Danheim & Heldom
    MMCombatAll08 – Blotjarl, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll09 – Brego in Breoste,Artist: Sowulo
    MMCombatAll10 – Dagaz, Artist:Munknörr
    MMCombatAll11 – Dreyrugr, Artist:Dreyma
    MMCombatAll12 – Fella, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll13 – Framganga, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll14 – Glitnir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll15 – Gripir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll16 – Gungnir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll17 – Hefna, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll18 – Holmgang, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll19 – Hrid, Artist: Dreyma
    MMCombatAll20 – Hrungnir, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll21 – Ivar the Boneless,Artist: Pawl D Beats
    MMCombatAll22 – Munarvagr, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll23 - (??? Shazam could not identify this one.)
    MMCombatAll24 – Just Between Us,Artist: DJ Garffi3
    MMCombatAll25 – Surt, Artist: Danheim
    MMCombatAll26 – Thurisaz, Artist:Munknörr
    MMCombatAll27 – When You Are High,Artist: enryoki
    MMCombatAll28 – Tyr, Artist: Danheim
    MMCombatAll29 – Uruz, Artist:Munknörr
    MMCombatAll30 – Vaftudner, Artist:Danheim
    MMCombatAll31 – Vega, Artist: Danheim
    MMCombatAll32 – God Father(Instrumental Version), Artist: Lilanzmusic
    MMCombatAll33 – Viking War Drums,Artist: Pawl D Beats
    MMCombatAll34 – Witchcraft, Artist:Fran Soto
    MMCombatAll35 – Wulfwiga, Artist:Sowulo
  3. EmpressKaileena1st
    • member
    • 444 posts
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    chapter II mod brought me here, and i now i can't get enough of hearing your music. if chapter II is the best music mod of all time, then this one is the best combat music mod for stormcloak playthroughs !!! well done !
    1. zachsaballer
      • premium
      • 700 posts
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      Every single word from this comment is EXACTLY how I feel, and what I was planning on saying. 
      Both of these music mods are absolutely essential.
  4. RedSarge
    • member
    • 335 posts
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    Plus one for XWM version, it will also save space... My Skyrim is 200gbs' lol
  5. spaven
    • premium
    • 810 posts
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    A question and a request of sorts, first off if the files are in the folder 'Combat - All' and there are more than 20, wouldn't the remaining tracks not get played? Maybe they should be in 'Combat', unless you edited the ESP (I didn't check) so that they'd all play. Second, could we perhaps get an XWM version of this? Thanks.
    1. Mookeylama
      • premium
      • 9,985 posts
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      i 2nd the xwm version. they play faster easier and files are much smaller. i used a very easy app once to convert but cant remember what. maybe LazyAudio or something
    2. Karunavai
      • member
      • 600 posts
      • 84 kudos
      and i was wondering why most songs dont play or play with massive delay. so please author for better optimization we would love to see a xwm version. i will definately endorse this when its done
    3. dimysama
      • member
      • 520 posts
      • 9 kudos
      maybe i'm blind but i dont think he edited the esp, after the track 20 its just being ignored
  6. Potatoman967
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    This is amazing, how did you compose this?

    Are there any tutorials that you'd recommend?

    I'm truly shocked by the quality of content coming out nearly a decade after the games release, this is mind boggling. Two hours of straight god tier viking music, you sir, are a legend.
  7. Amado1995
    • premium
    • 278 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Hey guys, quick question, does anyone know if this is compatible with "Celtic Music in Skyrim" ( ) ? Considering I DON'T use the optional file of that mod that adds 2 combat tracks, it should be compatible, right?

    Edit: no issues at all
  8. rougeshot
    • premium
    • 2,242 posts
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    Great mod with a huge amount of tracks, it' makes the game far more intense!

    Game changing mod, great work!
  9. allisonawsome
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    Thank you so much for making this mod and the lovely music. I appreciate it. My skyrim experience has gotten ten times better. truly music does make the game just like editing makes a movie.
  10. HighOnez
    • member
    • 217 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Makes playing as a Stormcloak more authentic. Killing Imperials has never been more satisfying.
    1. distortedrealms
      • member
      • 526 posts
      • 9 kudos
      A group that can't see the bigger picture of the whole of Tamriel and are basically the Thalmor's unwitting play things dividing the armies of the empire when they should be united against a race that literally want to end the world not just of men, but the fabric of world to return to a form of godhood? The white cold Concordant was to buy time to rebuild after a massive war to take on the Thalmor again and the Nords are just silly enough to think it was an insult instead of a long play strategim to setup a counter to the Thalmor threat. But skyrim is for the nords eh? Soon to be for the thalmor if the Nords are alone.
    2. Deathstruck
      • supporter
      • 1,463 posts
      • 27 kudos
      Also people who keep saying "but Hammerfell beat Thalmor alone!!!" keep forgetting that according to lore, it was General Decianus and his Imperial Legions who went on to help the Redguards, training them and even formed the core of their very army, which repelled the elves.

      Without the Empire, the Nords and the rest of Tamriel will be picked off one by one. Ulfric was after all a useful idiot and a plant for Thalmor.

      TL;DR; The Chad Unified Empire > The Virgin Rebel Stormcloaks
    3. HighOnez
      • member
      • 217 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Here's the thing though: I don't care about who truly wins in the end. In the end, the Empire isn't "viking-like." The Stormcloaks are. This isn't about whatever political mumbo-jumbo goes on in Skyrim. This is about role-playing, and I think that this music helps role-play a Stormcloak who just doesn't simply give af. He just wants to bash in some skulls.

      I honestly think you all care too much lol.