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Adds the most badass Norse battle music imaginable. Chills and adrenaline are guaranteed blasting this while being in combat. Over 2 hours of authentic hand-picked ''Viking'' battle music.

Permissions and credits
Tired of searching for real viking/dark ages/medieval music only to find out the so-called ''medieval'' music you find has violins, strings, horns and other orchestral instruments coming from after the 17th century that are clearly not representing anything dark-age esque? Then you have come to the right place. 

Here is a preview of what you'll get:

I composed the songs Dreyrugr, Hrid and Asgard myself. As for all the other tracks, credit go to these awesome producers:

Danheim (Angrboda, Atgeir, Berserkir, Blodfest, Blotjarl, Fella, Framganga, Glitnir, Gripir, Gungnir, Hefna, Hausarunir, Holmgang, Hrungnir, Munarvagr, Surt, Tyr, Vaftrudner, Vega)

Danheim Website

Munknorr (Dagaz, Thurisaz, Uruz)

Munknörr Website

Heldom (Blodfest)

Heldom Website

Runfell (Aelles Fate)

Runfell Website

Sowulo (Brego In Breoste, Wulfwiga)

Name: Sowulo
Genre : Atmospheric Dark Folk
Country : NetherlandsReleased : Sowulo MANN - Wulfwiga & Brego in Breoste - August 1, 2019
Bandcamp : 
https://sowulo.bandcamp.comSpotify : 

YouTube : : :

Ancient War Music (Berserker, Ivar The Boneless, Viking March, War Drums)

Ancient War Music Website

This mod makes use of No_Aardvarks_Allowed's Personalized Music mod, ALL CREDITS TO HIM:

Proof of credit given by the different music producers can be found under the ''images'' tab.