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Renames the textures from Opulent Outfits to be compatible with Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul.

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Babooncru released a lovely mod called Opulent Outfits that really adds a bright pop of color to the world of Skyrim (which, let's face it, is kind of...drab). But, that mod is very out-of-date, has multiple patches, and its successor was hidden by Mebantiza due to LE being "outdated" (I get not supporting the mod any long if it's not interesting or is more trouble than it's worth, but why not leave it up with an "unsupported: use at your own discretion" notice for those who choose to use it? Not everyone has SSE).

Alexandriel released a mod with a similar idea (making the individual schools of magic have unique robes) called Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul. It's a good mod; doesn't need lots of patches. But, the textures are very vanilla. If you want a subtle clue as to what school someone favors, it's a good mod. But I like brighter colors, so I decided to rename the texture files from Opulent Outfits so they'll fit MOTO's structure. This means that for this mod to work, you need MOTO. Having the extra textures won't do you any good without the .esp that makes the game display them. If you don't have it, your mages will all wear the plain, off-gray "no school" robes. Which, I guess, is okay, too, if you like it that way.

This also includes the archmage, Greybeard, and necromancer textures from Opulent Outfits. Greybeards are grey, naturally. I had to choose male or female style on the necromancer robes, as the vanilla game uses one texture for both. I went with the male, as it's more unique and unusual; you can pretend all the little buttons on the front are made of teeth or something. However, I did use the brighter white ropes from the female texture, to bring some contrast. The "less opulent" optional file includes the female-style necro robes with dark rope; you can mix and match options from the two files as you see fit. Also, as MOTO doesn't delineate boots or hoods to schools, they're all one color (a sort of muddy mixture of all the schools' colors). But the robes pop, which was my intention.

Screenshots taken at Immersive College of Winterhold.

Install Mage Outfit Texture Overhall, then install Opulent MOTO and overwrite all textures.

BaboonCru MangoMonkey for the textures
Alexandriel for MOTO