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Texture replacer that adds pawpads to Khajiit hands and feet. UNP compatible.

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A little texture replacer for something that's always bugged me: Khajiit have no paw pads! What cat doesn't have squidgy little toe beans? So this adds pads to the Khajiits' texture files. You have no idea how janky the texture seams on the hand meshes are until you try to add pads to the palms of those beasts (I understand why Bethesda did them the way they did - it puts the seams out of view for most players, especially in first person - but it really makes palm patterns difficult). The paw pads themselves are actually a trimmed, color-adjusted, and slightly altered version of a photo from DreamVision Creations' Anthro K9 Handpads (as I feel their feline version is too stylized). I feel they match the visible flesh on their noses well. It also adds claw-matching toenails to the part of the texture used by Dimonized UNP Female Body (NSFW page), so now toenails will no longer come out a disgusting chocolate color if you use UNP females; the vanilla body doesn't look at that part of the texture, so this change won't affect people who use vanilla females. The pads have also been added to the specular map, so they will have shine on par with Khajiit noses.

It also softens the fur on their normal maps in the same way as Fhaarkas Softer Animal Fur (whose original idea came from Wolfire Games' blog). Includes CoverKhajiits for the faces, as that's the normal maps I used. The bodies are actually vanilla, though the males have had their painted-on underwear replaced with fur from Masculine Khajiits (warning, that mod is NSFW; this simply makes them like furry dolls, no anatomical additions), so if you're using an underwear mesh replacer that doesn't match with vanilla exactly, you won't have a random bit of black spandex poking out (yes, vanilla men wear two pieces of underwear: a mesh loincloth, and a texture brief; this only affects the second).

It's a texture replacer, so it should be compatible with anything that changes racial stats, and with most meshes as long as they stick to vanilla UV layouts (Better Male Feet dramatically changes them, so it will cause problems - though nothing more serious than ugly feet textures, as the toes and ankles are no longer in the right places). I don't promise any sort of compatibility with mods that add body parts: there are no nipples or genitals in this texture set, and I won't make textures to match (I think it makes sense for Khajiits' nipples to be covered in fur even if you use UNP; cat fur is usually pretty thick on the belly, except perhaps for nursing females).

Compatible (just like vanilla) with Grimoa's Plantigrade Feet for Beast Races, but do note that my hand pads will be much darker than that mod's bright pink foot pads (I edited them to match for my personal use, but as Grimoa hasn't given permission for modifications, I can't release that; you'll have to unpack the .bsa and edit that texture yourself). If you use Better Male Feet, Plantigrade Beast Feet can overwrite the feet on only beast races, so you can continue using human texture replacers compatible with it and enjoy paw pads on your catfolk at the same time.


4K - x4096 diffuse (color) map, x2048 other (normal, specular) maps.
2K - x2048 diffuse map, x1024 other maps.
1K - x1024 diffuse map, x512 other maps.