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A simple change to how training works to be more immersive and less annoying.

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For my own past playthrough, I've always just plain ignore trainers, and I bet I'm not the only one.

Simply put, Skyrim's original design of the trainer mechanic is just... weird?
It encourages micromanaging your leveling, and often carrying a truck load of gold to see your trainers.

So what does this mod do?
In the same line as how my other mod Alternate Skillbooks works, This simple mod adds a skill increase rate bonus to trainers.
i.e. Now when you train at a trainer, besides for a skill point gain, you'll also gain a buff that persists for 5 game days, or 6 hours real time. This buff will grant you 10 skill bonus (in the same skill you trained) as well as three times the skill increase rate.

The aim of this mod is to make trainers very rewarding and worthwhile to visit, but not annoying, you won't have to remember how many times you trained this level or purposely stop leveling to get the most benefit. It's also more immersive as it mimic how a person would regularly visit a mentor to take lessons, then go home to practice on their own.

Recommended mod:
- Mods that slow down the skill increase rate like Skyrim Uncapper
- Mods that adjust the cost of training and/or number of training per level

  1. Like any other, download and activate.

  1. Open console, enter stopQuest AlternateTrainingQuest
  2. Save and quit
  3. Deactivate and remove mod with your mod manager
  4. However, as with any mod, even changing the order of your esps can potentially break your game, thus don't recommanding uninstall