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Makes Shor's Stone the town it was always meant to be!

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The Great Town of Shor's Stone

Big thanks to Hodilton for showcasing the mod!

Shor's Stone
Shor's Stone is a miserable little mining town north of Riften. However on the cliffs above lies Fallowstone Hall, the ancient headquarters of the Companions of the Rift. While the Hall might not be the great hall it once was it's warriors are still prideful as ever and the great vault still houses a lot of grand treasure that the Companions have collected over the ages.

The Great Town of Shor's Stone
The Great Town of Shor's Stone expands the area with the new Fallowstone Hall. This hall was the headquarters of the Companions of the Rift in Elder Scrolls Online. The mod adds new meshes for the castle and farmhouses in the settlement. There's a new inn, new farmland and a small hall commemorating the dead god Shor. Though prayer may be of little use to a dead god the Nords still remember what Shor did for humankind.

The custom structures in this mod use vanilla textures and are compatible with texture overhauls. I personally use Noble Skyrim 2k as can be seen in the screenshots.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that significantly alters the area around Shor's Stone or it's interiors.

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