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A gelatinous cube is a semitransparent sea-green colored ooze created artificially, composed of irrational gelatinous material intentionally shaped through magical arts in the form of a cube. As they walk through the corridors of the dungeons, they absorb any material (dead or alive) in their paths, to be digested later inside their acidic bodies.

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Mihail Mods Development Report-
a gelatinous appearance

A gelatinous cube is a semitransparent sea-green colored ooze created artificially, composed of irrational gelatinous material intentionally shaped through magical arts in the form of a cube. The strange creature is generally of considerable size, and the watery matter that composes it is in constant downward movement through its geometric body. Surpluses end up creating a constant pool of slime below it, formed by acidic liquid matter that evaporates on contact with the outside, becoming ascending clouds of gas, which are reabsorbed by the cube again, creating a cycle. Another notable feature are the numerous objects floating inside the body of a well-fed gelatinous cube.

A gelatinous cube is an irrational predator that creeps silently into dungeons and shadowy caves in regular, predictable patterns. As they walk through the corridors of these dungeons, they absorb any material (dead or alive) in their paths. The organic material is quickly dissolved in the acidic mud that forms the body of the cube, while bones and inorganic matter (such as pieces of armor) spend some time floating inside the creature until they are expelled, or digested more slowly. As they slide down the corridors, they leave a perfectly clean path without debris and corpses, except for their own slimy trail.

Gelatinous cubes could not see or hear, but they are capable of feeling vibrations and are attracted by the heat emitted by living beings. Despite their low speed, the gelatinous cubes are strong and could easily engulf even large creatures. They also have great resistance, much because of their not very solid shape.When facing an opponent, a gelatinous cube will simply try to engulf it. Upon touching a creature, the cube secretes a gooey substance that is immediately absorbed by the skin into the victim's bloodstream, causing immediate onset of toxic digestive corrosion. However, the engulfment of a cube transcends the use of this toxin, and it cannot be attributed to the paralyzing factor of the engulfment.It can regulate the strength, concentration and thickness of each portion of its gelatinous body, to create a slimy prison around a victim, including who, due to its mechanical, magical or undead nature, cannot be affected by any toxin. This paralyzing feature is used to precisely keep the victims standing and defenseless while being slowly digested alive. The toxin, in turn, as mentioned, acts similar to an acid poison, so it can be avoided with good protective spells, with the victim suffering only minimal damage from acidity, but the cube's engulf, having no magical but physical character, is hardly avoided.
However, it is confirmed that engulfment by the cube is optional, since it is the one that determines the thickness of each part of its body when it comes into contact with objects or beings. It is common for the creator of a cube, or in some way an ally, to be able to even enter its interior, to remove for example money or valuables absorbed by it, without suffering any harmful effect.
How they manage to recognize friends and enemies is something to be understood, since voriplasms for example do not. Being gelatinous cubes creatures created magically, both by alchemists, wizards and even in the realms of oblivion, it is possible that this information is added to their own beings during creation, as they are basically considered mindless beings.

While it is within the limits of the artificial geometric structure created for it, the gelatinous mass that forms the cube also seems to have control over the concentration of its own acidity, keeping it generally located in its center and core, a place that is, naturally, due to its high concentration, the best place to attack it with arrows and magic, which may have difficulty in reaching the less solid peripheral areas, whereas with melee weapons any place can be effectively affected to a considerable extent.
Despite their sizes and composition, gelatinous cubes are vulnerable to the most common forms of attack, and ice is particularly effective, as is fire. 
Once a victim is able to free herself from the engulf of a cube (if she managed to do it, of course) one of the first immediate consequences is temporarily limited movement. Both the corrosive toxin still taking effect and causing pain, as well as the thick viscosity stucking the joints together on her body, armor or machinery, or even on her undead decayed corpse, will greatly hamper movement, which will make her the most perfect victim for a particularly slow ooze as the gelatinous cube.If engulfed, it is normal for the cube to have some difficulty in paralyzing its victim in the first few minutes, so there will be moments when there will be the possibility of temporarily moving again for outside the cube. It is time to try to escape, or to try to push away the cube using a shield, or bashing it with weapons and torches, but preferably, the most appropriate is to fight for life.Magical attacks that do not require the use of hands, such as shouts and powers, are also extremely effective, being possible, for example, to explode a cube from the inside.
It is indeed possible, albeit difficult, that creatures strong enough manage to escape the engulf of a gelatinous cube, surviving its attempt of acid digestion until they get a gap to move.

But the two most important questions are, probably, why its unusual geometric shape for an ooze, and why it is created? Well, the first question may not seem obvious, but the reasons are really practical.Having this shape, they commonly occupy the entire area of ​​a corridor as they travel, this not only facilitates their function of collecting debris (organic or not) while traversing the areas where they are confined, but also makes them traps even more effective against invaders , since they hardly leave space for them to escape.The second question also has an obvious answer, they are created with the function of decomposers, and even for the elimination of evidence of crimes. So not only do magicians create and maintain cubes in their dungeons, but bandit hideouts sometimes have a cube somewhere inside their hiding place, for which they dispose of corpses, and worthless objects carried by them.Falmers are also capable of producing these cubes, and it is possible to find them occasionally in their hives.They are also considered an extremely common sighting in the Shivering Isles, which should not be surprising, given that due to their bizarre, they perfectly match the kingdom of Sheogorath.Although slow, at times the cubes can initiate faster and more unpredictable rotational approaches, to surprise and reach their prey faster.

- 1 new creature: Gelatinous cube (2 variants)

with new sounds, effects, spells, behaviour and loot

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Hearthfire
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Dragonborn

Mihail- model, textures, animations,
effects, spells, sounds, loot, game implementation

Additional credits:

Gary Gygax- i made this creature completely inspired on the Gelatinous Cube creature
created by him on the series Dungeons & Dragons, so thank you very much for the
inspiration and for years playing with the amazing D&D content.