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Wash up! Adds usable bathtubs, basins, towels and more, using the Campfire framework and optionally Bathing in Skyrim.

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Adds several bathtubs, basins, towels and more, for the hygienic adventurer.

Uses the Campfire framework, and was designed for Bathing in Skyrim, but there are standalone versions which only require Campfire.

"Clean hands, do you has them!?" (@1:55)

  • All Items are crafted through Campfire's Survival Skill: Create Item.
  • Tubs, basins, sinks and showers will give an option to wash with soap or just water, which has no effect.  Soap will cycle through your Bathing in Skyrim soaps upon use (Dwarven>Spriggan>Superior>Dragon's Tongue>Lavender>Blue>Red>Purple>Plain), or use my standalone Soap.
  • Display soap activators will use the relevant BiS soap from inventory, Soap Cycler will use soaps in the order above.
  • Furniture bypass BiS's water and shyness checks (by design).
  • Soaps in Soap Basket and Towel Rack allow you to bathe while in water or while Wet from Frostfall.
  • Towels dry you off if Wet from Frostfall and use stamina.
  • Crouch and select to pick up most items.
  • Dwarven tub and shower require Dwarven Smithing.
  • Simple scripts only run when using items.
  • All new records.
  • Hold the stick of madness for a special recipe ;)
Standalone (Campfire only) versions
  • Much more basic cleaning system than BiS (no dirtiness, soap effects, or undressing).
  • Animations are kind of janky but work.
  • No BiS soaps on furniture, soap and sinks have same effect on use.
  • Standalone single Soap recipe, which is required for bathing.
  • Soap costs 3 salt and 1 troll fat, makes 3 bars. Craftable at cooking pot or Campfire craft menu.
  • Cleaning increases disease resist by 50% and speech by 10 for 2 mins, then 25% and 5 points for 8 mins.
  • Can also use soap while standing in water (works better with mods that patch water damage) or Wet from Frostfall.
Survival versions
  • Only includes wood tub, small wash stand (with no soaps), soap & towel baskets, and towels.
  • Increased item weights.
  • Standalone soap bonuses are nerfed (30% Disease Resist, 5 minutes shorter effects).
Ultimate Skyrim patch
  • Requires BiS, Campfire and ClothingCraft (all included in US).
  • Moves recipes to Crafting Table.
  • Adds Dynamic Crafting dummy recipes.
  • Requires Craftmanship to make everything.
  • Towels require the right type of linen to craft.

Requiem Patch
  • Requires Craftmanship to make everything.

Minor Issues
  • Soaps in soap basket appear at wrong angles, not sure why...
  • Wash tubs can be iffy due to water, same with glass basins due to meshes(?), place carefully and wait until they finish appearing to contact.
  • Soaps and baskets may move/react to physics, just pick up furniture and replace.
  • Sink/shower sounds may get stuck playing. I've written the scripts to avoid this from happening but…shit happens…

  • Keep it Clean (SSE) version
  • Make hanging towels change color
  • More stuff
  • More rustic/survivalist items
  • Adding a passive dirtiness effect to the standalone version
Originally I made this mod to address an issue I had with my character not having anywhere to bath in places like Jorrvaskr, but after I made the first wash basin I got more ideas (and learned more about papyrus scripting then I ever knew before), and thought this could be used as a full "instant bathroom" mod. I have ideas to expand on that, and also have gotten some feedback on other things to make.

-haecceitynoblewashbasin01a.nif-BasinStand_Glazed.nif -RackNoble_Empty.nif-Witcher bath tub-Edited ScrubbyTubs, brushes-Sink and tub-Scripts for cycling textures (not working yet), activating linked ref-Referencing how its scripting works-Bath script for reference