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About this mod

This mod adds a new dagger set to the game shaped like Tauriel's Daggers from the Hobbit movies.

Permissions and credits
Tauriels Daggers v.1.5

Reason for this mod:

It's been a long time since I have had the time to mod video games. Being on lockdown due to the COVID-19
outbreak has found me with time on my hands to create again.

I've always loved the shape of Tauriel's Daggers from the movie 'The Hobbit', and although I have seen various versions of
the more famous blades from that movie. I have not seen these (they might be out there somewhere but I hadn't seen them).

So I made them.


This mod is for regular ole Skyrim. I still play with the Legendary edition but only the Skyrim.esm is required.
I am hopeful someone with the Special Edition would like to help out and convert this for the community. Permissions for doing that are given as long as credit is given for my original
work, and it only gets uploaded to the Nexus.

About strength, and textures, and such:

These are slightly stronger than Daedric Daggers but not as strong as a Daedric sword.
In my opinion a good balance for a dagger set you can use from beginning to end of the game.

I created about 4 different textures for this model before I decided on this one for release.
It is what I personally like, and use. Please feel free to retexture it to fit your own tastes if these don't work for ya.

The blade is craftable, and upgradable, and has full blood mapping.

How do I get it?:

There are two of them on the alchemy crafting table in snapleg cave set with player as the owner.

or you can craft them with the Elven smithing perk, Gold, Quicksilver, Moonstone ingots, and a briar heart (well, I had to make it interesting :) ).

Unzip into your Skyrim directory.
Generally found at C:/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim.
Shouldn't overwrite anything but will add contents to existing folders for textures, meshes, and add an .esp

Or....just use the mod manager and relax, and enjoy.


Please contact me for any and all permissions to use assets, convert for a different game, into another language or upload anywhere.
I do still answer my PMs on the Nexus.

Change Log:

1.0 initial release
1.1 added full matching scabbard for the blade (I think it's an improvement over the little ring).
1.2 retextured blade and scabbard to match each other better and redid all metal to look less smooth
and more like metal.
Added small Elvish style script engraving on blade, and added back engraving on handle to glow map.
1.3 Wasn't happy with a few things on the textures so I fixed them. Added sharpened edge to blades. Changed
leaf on handle with script that matches what's on the blade (still glow mapped). Changed engraving on scabbards
to match with Elvish style script on blades, and handle. Reworked normal mapping.
1.4 Tweaked the texture some more. Removed glow mapping on script on handle. Smoothed sharp top edge of blade.
1.5 Repaired funny dark normals on scabbard and back of blade. Updated blade textures for better metal look.