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KaptainCnucklz - Cornelius Link - Vicetone - Tony Iggy

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Plays part of the song "Astronomia" on death, but with an added medieval twist to it.

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Special Edition version here!


Plays a well recognized clip (of a medieval-style cover) of the song "Astronomia" when the player dies. In addition, it extends the death cam by a few seconds so the bit can play out. See the Videos tab for an example of the mod.

The mod is a super simple ESP plugin with a BSA. Safe to install and uninstall at anytime.

Note: Doesn't contain the entire song, and is provided only for parody purposes. All credits are in the Credits section of the Nexus page.


Manual: Extract the archive's BSA and plugin into your Skyrim/Data folder.
Mod Manager: Install like any other mod.


Manual: Delete the BSA and plugin.
Mod Manager: Uninstall like any other mod.