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Addon for Undeath that allows to create drinkable skill potions out of black souls.

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This was actually a commisioned mod, I decided to support this idea because it was simple enough to make and as way to thank those who generously support my modding.

So what does it do?
First of all, it requires Undeath to function, since the potions are tied to becoming a Lich.
Once you are one, you can craft potions at the custom necromancy altars provided by Undeath
You'll require a filled black soul gem for each and 2 more of other ingredient depending on the potion's skill.
The potions simply raise the specified skill by 1 point, like books, but craftable, and potions.

Keep in mind the potions require lichdom both to be crafted and to be drank.
I also included a couple of other changes to the workings of the Necromantic Altar
The first is that the Altar no longer requires enchanting skill to be 100 to be used,
The second is that crafting options no longer serves to increase Enchaning skill, but it raises Alchemy instead. (I did this because a single crafted potion - or any other crafted undeath item - was able to raise enchanting skill up to 20 points per item, and though it may be the proper skill, the amount was excessive, and apparently, there was no way to control this).

Higher priority than Undeath, which usually means below, in load order.

Can you do this?...
Unlikely. I dont take requests unless they really interest me, or they are actual doable commisions.
This thing is wrong, fix it!
Unless it's a critical bug, I'm probably not paying attention to it. If it bothers me enough, I may take a look. In these kinds of things there's a lot of extra things that could vary, so the mod may be subject to changes, in costs, ingredients, experience etc, but in the meantime, there's no way to know how it behaves in terms of balance, other than playing it, something I have yet to do myself from the time I'm writing this.
Why Undeath? Why not a standalone version?
Could be done, but the original idea was to tie it to Undeath's experience, meaning "you're only able to truly drink souls once you have undergone the full lichdom process". Doing it standalone would feel even more like cheating and I'd have to come up with a storytelling excuse for it, which is more extra work.
SE version?
This is only a magic effect and some scripts. That should be entirely compatible with SE, except maybe the esp could be converted with TES5Edit.
Bug Report!!
Are you sure about that?
Before even looking at the bug section, please check and doble check if it's an actual bug, and not something from your system that's not collaborating on your install because of your game and your mods.

My generous supporters for the idea and interest to see something like this made.
Antioch08 for Undeath
Me as the author of this thing.