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About this mod

This mod aims to add skills and leveling above the normal skillcap at 100 using SPERG as a base.
Attention: SPERG over 100 is currently in it's Beta state and I need YOUR help improving, balanching and designing perks you can unlock with skillevels above 100.

Permissions and credits
SPERG over 100
Become God by skilling to extreme levels.
Community Project
Skyrim is a RPG and RPGs tend to be exploitable by skilling to insane levels. Skyrim put a hard lock infornt of that by adding hard caps to almost everything. I want to remove these caps and add new powerful features in a somewhat lorefriendly and balanced fashion by unlocking leveling up to 200.

What this Mod does:

At the moment this Mod only addes 3 new perks to the following skilltrees:
Onehanded, Marksman, Smithing, Light Armor, Sneak, Speechcraft, Conjuration, Destrucion, Illusion, Restoration and Enchanting.
You can unlock the perks at lvl. 125, 150 and 175. Note that the perks are very powerful (which is on purpose) and maybe too powerful.

I want perks on every skilltree of course and I plan on adding more 100+ perks to all the skilltrees.And that's where I want YOUR help.
Also, the current perks are only tested so that they work, they are not balanced and I'd love to get your opinion on the stuff I made.

Please use the posts or forum tab to contribute new ideas, bugs and balancing fixes!

Important for the Installation:
This mod contains a new SPERG.esp and SKSE_Elys_Uncapper.ini.
It's important that you load "SPERG over 100" after SPERG and Skyrim Community Uncapper.
And because of the new SPERG.esp it's probably incompatible with other SPERG patches.

List of current perks:

Let's start with the two gamechanging skills: Conjuration and Enchanting.

There are Necromancers in TES lore who raised entire armys of the dead but you as the legendary Dovakiin can only control two at the same time. The heck? To make Skyrim more fun and basicly become Ainz Ooal Gown the 3 new conjuration perks mess with the "Commanded Actor Limit". But to balance it somewhat it's limited to undead.

  • lvl 125: "Army of the Dead": You can control five reanimated undead. Cojuring atronachs will deispel the effect of this perk.

  • lvl 150: "King of the Dead": You can control ten reanimated undead. Conjuring atronachs will dispel the effect of this perk.

  • lvl 175: "God of the Dead": You can control twenty reanimated undead. Conjuring atronachs will dispel the effect of this perk.

And there are Artifacts with more than only 2 enchantments. It might be an Artifact but it still was crafted by someone really talented. Now you can bocome Tamriels greatest enchanter and enchant items with up to 5 enchantments.

  • lvl 125: "Overenchanted": Can put three enchantments on the same item.

  • lvl 150: "Legendary Enchanter": Can put four enchantments on the same item.

  • lvl 175: "Godlike Enchanting": Can put five enchantments on the same item.

Now the remaining Magic Schools. Alteration is still missing but the with lvl.150 (lvl.175 in destrucion) I want you to be able to cast the school for free. So the lvl. 150 Alteration perk is basicly already made.

Staring with Destruction. Even with a maxed out Battlemage build, you need lots of spells to kill enemies on Legendary. That's because your almost unable to raise the spells magnitude with perks or items. Now you can:

  • lvl 125: "Ifrit"Fire destruction spells are twice as strong and all three elements cost 50% less.

  • lvl 150: "The Night King": Frost destruction spells are twice as strong and all three elements cost 75% less.

  • lvl 175: "Thor": Shock destruction spells are twice as strong and all three elements are free to cast.
(In my tests I could get over 1000 damage with a dualcast thunderbolt using and the Thor perk!)

Now Illusion. I just thought that would be useful:

  • lvl 125: "Vanisher": Your invisibility lasts forever until you activate something.

  • lvl 150: "Mindbender": Illusion spells are free to cast and twice as strong.

  • lvl 175: "Fake Reality": 25% chance be unaffected by incoming spells.

And Resoration. Nothing really interesting to tell about that.

  • lvl 125: "Evolution": Magicka regenerates twice as fast.

  • lvl 150: "Angel": You can cast restoration spells for free and they are twice as strong.

  • lvl 175: "God" You take almost no damage from undead and deal double damage to them.

As my current character is skilled in One Handed and Light Armor and you always want to skill in sneak and archery (marksman) I already made those aswell.

One Handed:

  • lvl 125: "Razorsharp": Onehanded weapons do 25% more damage.

  • lvl 150: "Bladerunnner": In combat: You move 50% faster when wielding a one-handed weapon.

  • lvl 175: "Samurai": Dual wielding does 50% more damage and you take almost no damage from one handed weapons.

Light Armor:

  • lvl 125: "Exoskeleton": For each piece of light armor equipped, your critical hit chance is improved by 5% (maximum 20% increase). The percentage is added to your current chance.

  • lvl 150: "Dragonscales": You get a 20% chance to avoid all damage from an attack if wearing at least 3 pieces of light armor.

  • lvl 175: "Invunerble": Light Armor is twice as strong.


  • lvl 125: "Legolas": Falldamage is reduced by 90% and sneakattacks with bows do double damage. Stacks with Sneak Attack for a total of 6 times the damage.

  • lvl 150: "Compound Bow": Bows do 35% more damage and are 20% more likely to critical hit.

  • lvl 175: "Knowledge of Bows": Bows can be improved 25% more. You take almost no damage from Bows.


  • lvl 125: "Light Bender": Crouching in combat renders you invisible for ten seconds. This can still occur once every ten seconds.

  • lvl 150: "Ghost": Crouching outside of combat renders you invisible for 60 seconds. This can only occur once every 5 minutes.

  • lvl 175: "Sudden Death": Attacks with all weapons made form out of combat do double damage.

Remaining skills are Speechcraft and Smithing. In my opinion Smithing is the most powerful skill in Skyrim. (not counting the restoration loop, which makes Alchemy the most powerful) And I made it even more overpowered. lol

  • lvl 125: "Famous Merchant": 35% better prices with all merchants.

  • lvl 150: "Dragonvoice": Time between shouts is reduced by additional 25%.

  • lvl 175: "Commander": Summoned creatures last 3 times as long. You can control one additional atronach or reanimated zombie.


  • lvl 125: "Enchanting Hammer": Enchantments cast on armor, shields and weapons are 25% stronger.

  • lvl 150: "Dragontier Hammer": Can improve armor, shields and weapons twice as much. Stacks with Light/Heavy Armorer and Weaponsmith.

  • lvl 175: "Legendary Blacksmith": Gain a 25% bonus to all armor, shields and weapons.

Every perk is added to the respective skilltree so that it somewhat matches SPERGs perk-constellations.

Like I said before, I aim to add exploitable perks and skillcombination which basicly make you undefeatable. Maybe I watch too much Isekai Anime.

I hope this project will get some recognition and a few people actually help me making this a great mod to enhance Skyrims RPG feeling with something not intended by Bethesda. Because I want to have a army of the dead, Todd!